Speakers: Jason Lengstorf

  • Jason Lengstorf: WordPress Deployment for Professionals – How to Solve the Problem of Multiple WordPress Installs in 30 Minutes or Less

    WordCamp Atlanta 2017Speaker: Jason Lengstorf

    March 29, 2017 — Developing WordPress sites doesn’t have to be painful. But for most of us, it’s a nightmare: we work on our local copy, then we have to set up the staging server, export the content, import it on the staging site (and hope it all works), remember to install all the plugins, and move over the media files. All over FTP.

    But we’re developers. Why are we doing all this manual work?

    In this talk, we’ll look at the modern WordPress tools from the Roots team — Bedrock and Trellis — to learn how we can set up a local WordPress development environment in minutes using Trellis, then deploy it to production fast with free SSL and two-way database syncing. Migrate everything — theme files, plugins, media uploads, posts, users, and all the rest — with simple commands using free and open-source tools.

    This talk will cut your WordPress setup time to 30 minutes and give you hours of your life back.