Speakers: Jason McCullough

  • Jason McCullough: Create a Freelance Pipeline That Pays

    Jason McCullough: Create a Freelance Pipeline That Pays

    WordCamp Atlanta 2018Speaker: Jason McCullough

    January 17, 2019 — “True, successful freelancers convert leads into clients by getting to know their prospects’ biggest issues, and proving themselves to be expert problem-solvers. But the real secret to netting new clients?
    Following up.
    Studies show that 80% of prospective clients say “no” before they say “yes.” 90% of sales are lost when no
    second contact is made!
    I will teach you to create a client pipeline that pays.
    Ensure interested leads are the real-deal (no tire-kickers!)
    Tailor your marketing efforts to proven lead sources
    Develop a client relationship management (CRM) system that doesn’t let you miss an opportunity to connect.
    Win new business and customer loyalty with this workshop.”