Speakers: Jayvie Canono

  • Jayvie Canono: Design-Driven Development

    WordCamp Baltimore 2014Speaker: Jayvie Canono

    November 24, 2014 — A continuation of a series of “Designing for Development” sessions I’ve given in the past, this talk is geared towards designers by giving designers a peek at what happens after the PSDs have been signed off. Other edge cases will also be explored, such as rebuilds (while maintaining fidelity with existing design). I will also be discussing information infrastructure using Custom Post Types and Custom Metaboxes And Fields, and how a familiarity with them can help aid the design process. Lastly, I will offer advice on knowing when to reach out and partner up with another developer, and how this can work in your favor.

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  • Jayvie Canono: Designing for Development

    WordCamp Philly 2012Speaker: Jayvie Canono

    April 12, 2013 — Learn how to design a layout with the development phase in mind by understanding theme structure! No need to learn how to code a theme, just how the coder will go about slicing your work. This presentation offers workflow tips, a few examples of well-organized PSDs, and even show some live theme code.

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  • Jayvie Canono: Building a Career with WordPress

    WordCamp Raleigh 2012Speaker: Jayvie Canono

    December 7, 2012 — This talk is geared towards anyone interested in using WordPress to fuel their career: whether it’s self-employment, or building a great skill portfolio so they can be picked up by great places to work. I’ll be sharing a little about my own path to self-employment but the talk will be focused more on techniques to automate tasks, manage one’s time, and expand one’s market.

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