Speakers: Jennifer Ecker

  • Jennifer Ecker: Do I Need Professional Help?

    WordCamp Portland ME 2017Speaker: Jennifer Ecker

    June 5, 2017 — Have you ever wanted to change how your WordPress site looks or works, but aren’t sure if you can make the changes on your own? Do you wonder what kind of help you even need: a designer or a programmer? Both? And what do those folks even do? If you do hire someone, how much should you spend?

    This talk will go over examples of some things you can DIY and when you might consider calling a professional. It will also review the different skill sets that go into working on a WordPress site to help you understand what kind of help you need. Finally, it will cover what costs to expect and give you some tips on getting professional help.

  • Panel: Design

    WordCamp Boston 2016Speakers: Mike Swartz, Nate Sprague, Mel Choyce, Jennifer Ecker

    August 14, 2016 — Panel discussion about design.

  • Jennifer Ecker: Typography, Web Fonts and Your Site

    WordCamp NYC 2015Speaker: Jennifer Ecker

    December 20, 2015 — Let’s talk type! We’ll take a look at the importance of typography in design, as well as some basic best practices. You’ll learn about a few of the top font services as well as methods and tools for implementing the right font for your WordPress site. Whether you prefer to work with a plugin, change your theme options, or manually edit your theme, you’ll walk away knowing a few ways to add shiny new fonts to your site. This talk will be useful for anyone wanting to learn how typography can improve their site, and designers who are unsure how to implement custom web fonts.

  • Jennifer Ecker: Typography, Web Fonts, and Your Site

    WordCamp Montréal 2015Speaker: Jennifer Ecker

    September 17, 2015 — Let’s talk fonts! We’ll take a brief look at the history of fonts on the web and best practices for typography. You’ll learn about some of the top font services available as well as methods and tools for implementing the right font for your WordPress site. Whether you prefer to work with plugins, theme options, or manual edits to the theme, you’ll walk away with some options for adding shiny new fonts to your site.

    This talk is for anyone who wants to learn some basics about typography and get an overview of the various methods available for adding custom fonts to their WordPress site. From advanced coders to beginning bloggers, a wide audience can benefit from learning typography principles and best practices. Folks curious on how to modify fonts on their WP site will learn the options available for customizing at any comfort level.

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