Speakers: Jer Clarke

  • Jer Clarke: A Buddhist Guide to WordPress Development

    WordCamp Montreal 2018Speaker: Jer Clarke

    March 18, 2019 — Sometimes the best advice on the latest and greatest technology is very old, even 2600 years old.

    Buddhadhamma, the philosophy and religion founded by Siddharta Gottama in ancient India, is broad and deep, offering a path to emotional liberation as well as common sense advice for getting through everyday life with as little suffering as possible. In this talk, we’ll walk through the essential proposals and conclusions of Buddhism and find ways this wisdom can help us in our WordPress and web development practice.

    How do our denial of impermanence, our aversion to discomfort and our identification with the material world get in the way of doing good work? How can we be free of the suffering that inevitably comes from disappointment? How should we act in each moment to be effective and at peace in the long run? These questions will be answered through the lens of the challenges and frustrations inherent to building sites with WordPress.

    The talk will also include a short guided meditation and advice for incorporating meditation into your WordPress life.

    This talk is intended for anyone, from new users to long-time bloggers to hardcore developers.

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  • Jer Clarke: F******k Instant Articles: How Do They work?

    WordCamp Montreal 2017Speaker: Jer Clarke

    October 6, 2017 — This talk will walk you through all the headaches iA gave me and help you avoid having them yourself while you get set up. We’ll cover the concepts behind iA, nuances of the Automattic iA for WP plugin, and how to make the most of the tools on offer in the plugin to make sure all your posts get delivered to your Facebook readers “instantly”.

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