Speakers: Jeremy Scott

  • Jeremy Scott: I Built a Site with a “Page Builder” Called Gutenberg

    WordCamp Phoenix 2019Speaker: Jeremy Scott

    March 8, 2019 — While large swaths of the WordPress community were protesting the arrival of Gutenberg with mixed feelings, I chose to embrace it early and often, but even late into its development, I felt unable to produce the same level of work my clients expected–so it was always back to the old ways: page builders and custom fields. In fall 2018, I finished a project that relied way heavily on custom fields; it was slow and its admin UI was confusing and it made like 150 custom fields per post, but it worked and looked great. After, though, I paused and I asked myself “am I sure I can’t do this with just Gutenberg?” So I set out to try. Spoiler alert: its possible, and I did it.

    In this presentation, I’ll show you the old way vs the new way, and explain how I needed to change the way I do and think about things to deliver an identical site while shucking the crutches of page builders and custom fields and custom templates that has propped up my work for so long.

  • Jeremy Scott: Managing Client Expectations From Start To Finish

    WordCamp Phoenix 2014Speaker: Jeremy Scott

    March 5, 2014 — We’ve all had our nightmare clients, right? We often share horror stories over beer and pizza, but how often do we think about what we could’ve done better? If we take time when starting new projects to first establish clear expectations and commitments for both our clients and us, including setting fluid timelines, we can help ensure a positive and successful relationship with our clients, and a better, less stressful project for us.

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