Speakers: Job Thomas

  • Job Thomas: Extreme Makeover – The Homepage Edition

    WordCamp Johannesburg 2019Speaker: Job Thomas

    November 18, 2019 — In this workshop, we’ll be looking at tweaking a homepage with the newest CSS3 trends. We’ll also focus on using custom classes for blocks that you want to stand out. Contrary to the other Extreme Makeover, we cannot guarantee tears of joy.

    This is a workshop and we’ll all be using the same homepage so please make sure you have Stylus (browser extension for Opera, Firefox or Chrome) installed.

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  • Job Thomas: WooCommerce in Real “Live”

    WordCamp Harare 2016Speaker: Job Thomas

    January 3, 2017 — As a WooCommerce Happiness Engineer, I’ve worked with WooCommerce stores for over two years. However, only in October of this year did I create a live WooCommerce store with physical products for the first time.

    In this talk, I’ll focus on the challenges in setting up a WooCommerce store in Africa, but also on its potential and quick wins. I’ll share my experiences with handing over the project to the store owner and give some tips on setting boundaries.

    By the end of the talk, you should have a good overview of the considerations when starting a WooCommerce project, especially in making sure that you can hand over to your client smoothly.

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  • Job Thomas: Purpose-Driven Websites – What On Earth Is Your Site Here For?

    WordCamp Cape Town 2015Speaker: Job Thomas

    February 15, 2016 — Workshop:
    Starting a website is easy with WordPress, but having a clear goal in mind is vital for determining design, structure and content. In this workshop we’ll first focus on setting clear goals, before we in the next step will translate that into a better website. We’ll look at different types of goals like personal blogging, sharing portfolio, revenue gain, community building, and so on. Together we’ll discuss what would be the best approach for each of those specific goals.

    This workshop is ideal for WordPress beginners who’ve never built a website or those who want to take their website to the next level.

  • Job Thomas: Nuke Your Community and Make It Flourish

    WordCamp Cologne 2015Speaker: Job Thomas

    June 30, 2015 — In his talk, Job will illustrate how community building does not merely depend on using the right tactics, but also on understanding your community’s culture and preferences and being ready to adjust your plans to serve it.

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