Speakers: Joe Chellman

  • Joe Chellman: Let’s Debug for Real!

    WordCamp Orange County 2015Speaker: Joe Chellman

    January 7, 2016 — If you’ve written a line of code in any language, you’ve gotten into a state where you don’t necessarily know what the frig is going on. That thing – it’s right there in the template! Or right in that functions.php file, but nothing happens! Or the wrong thing happens! AAAAAAAARGH!

    Sure, you can try adding “echo”, “print_r”, “var_dumps” and the like all over the place, but it’s messy, and there is a better way. With a little bit of set up (but not much – seriously), you too can debug like a champ. If you’ve never seen a real debugger before, or if you’ve just dabbled with one, this talk could change your life substantially for the better.

  • Joe Chellman: My First Modifications – Child Themes and Feature Plugins

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Joe Chellman

    October 7, 2015 — In customizing WordPress, most people look first for a splendiferous and fancy theme. There are thousands of options, so we can usually find something that gets us 80-90% of the way there. But heavens to Betsy, that last 10-20% can be hard to find! That’s why it’s good to learn how to make a child theme, which lets you keep almost everything while adding to or removing from your original theme safely. Most of this talk with cover the creation and use of child themes. This is an absolutely essential (and pretty easy to learn) skill for any WordPress designer.

  • Joe Chellman: Be Braver, Make Better Mistakes – Version Control for Everyone (Even you, you designer you!)

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2014Speaker: Joe Chellman

    September 18, 2014 — In this talk, we’ll look at version control using Git. We’ll use a nice GUI so we need deal minimally (if at all), with command line stuff. We’ll find out how becoming comfortable with version control will empower us to make all the dumb mistakes we want, which can enable better design, better code, better writing.

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