Speakers: John Hornsby

  • John Hornsby: Sales and Customer Service for the Introverted Designer

    WordCamp Asheville 2018Speaker: John Hornsby

    January 11, 2019 — Sales is all about relationships and managing expectations. We are all in sales, where we realize or not, like it or not. I’ll share some personal story around my start as an introverted artists and designer who was socially awkward and how I overcame that to become a top producing salesperson. How not being a salesperson can be your strongest asset in actually making sales, if you find your authentic voice, know your craft and get interested in the art and science of creative communication and psychology.

    Though I have a framework for this including practical scenarios, it will be somewhat interactive and focus driven by preferences of those in attendance. We’ll be looking at the why behind methods from which you can build on. The first step is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. We’ll do some of that, but I promise not to make it too scary.

    This is not a talk about funnels, prospects, conversions and the like though that all is super important and we’ll touch on it. This is focused on communication tools and self work to overcome your internal roadblocks.


    You’ll get a copy of the slide deck to include a list of common sales and communications “challenges” and how to deal with them.
    A process map of the anatomy stages of a sales cycle, (what to communicate when, how and why) specifically tailored to creative work.
    Some basic personality assessment tools to clarify your personality and communication style, how to identify your clients and then how to adapt accordingly.

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