Speakers: Justin Kopepasah

  • Rising from rejection: How WordPress helped me reenter society again

    WordCamp US 2023Speaker: Justin Kopepasah

    October 13, 2023 — Rejection after rejection. That was the norm after prison until this speaker found a new lease on life with WordPress.

    This talk is a testament to the power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), illustrating how it encompasses more than just identity and disability.

    Follow along with this journey from reformed convict to self-taught software engineer. Find out how the WordPress community sparked radical change and opened doors to a brighter future.

  • Justin Kopepasah: Gutenberg and the Evolution of WordPress

    WordCamp Manila 2018Speaker: Justin Kopepasah

    September 18, 2019 — Justin Kopepasah, Senior Web Engineer at 10up, discusses how users can test and contribute to the future of WordPress and Gutenberg.

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  • Justin Kopepasah: Gutenberg and the Evolution of WordPress

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Justin Kopepasah

    October 4, 2018 — Gutenberg, the elephant in the room. The impending feature to be merged into Core which will not only change the way millions of people work with WordPress, but has the audacious goal of shaping the way people publish and manage content on the web.

    Some people may say that Gutenberg is merely WordPress catching up to other services, but in reality the new editor experience not only changes the way writers write, but also the way engineers create rich, editorial experiences specifically tailored to each unique site requirements.

    WordPress 5.0+ goals are not to “catch up”, but rather leapfrog other experiences and shape content creation and the editorial experience forever.

    Gutenberg と WordPress の進化に見る未来

    誰もが気になっている次期エディターの Gutenberg。もうすぐコアにマージされるこの機能は、ユーザーにとっての WordPress の使い方を変えるというだけではなく、「これからの Web 上でのパブリッシングやコンテンツ管理のやり方を形作る」という大胆なゴールも掲げています。

    Gutenberg は WordPress が単に他のサービスに追いつくためのものだと言う人もいます。ですが、これは実際には、リッチなコンテンツの作成・編集という体験をまったく新しいものにし、他を「追い越す」ことができる一歩だと考えています。

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