Speakers: Kalen Johnson

  • Kalen Johnson: Stepping Outside the Bubble

    WordCamp Vancouver 2015Speaker: Kalen Johnson

    October 3, 2015 — As developers and users of WordPress, we may get very comfortable using the software, and we may find ourselves getting nothing but WordPress jobs or only working with WordPress. This is wonderful, we become experts in our respective fields, yet there is a danger to this as well.

    I would like to remind everyone and explore some of the ideas that come from outside the WordPress bubble. All too often it’s easy to get entrenched in one way of thinking (the WordPress way), and while this is very necessary to understand how to work with WordPress efficiently and correctly, it often helps just as much to step outside of our comfort zone and explore how other people are handling the same problems we run into.

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  • Developer PowerPack: Theme Customizer, SASS, and Composer with WordPress

    WordCamp Seattle 2015: Experienced EditionSpeakers: Merrill Mayer, Frederick Meyer, Kalen Johnson

    June 22, 2015 — Using the theme customizer – Merrill Mayer
    An overview of the theme customizer API and how to build it into your themes.

    Falling in Love with Sass for WordPress — Frederick Meyer
    Learn why Sass, the CSS preprocessor, is better than vanilla CSS for complex projects, based on two key qualities of Sass: 1. It’s DRYer, and 2. It’s dynamic. The talk describes these benefits with reference to a complex real-life client project: creating a user-managed WordPress theme generator, with widths, color scheme, typography, etc., all changeable as Sass variables, compiling to one clean custom CSS stylesheet with no extra “theme options” DB calls.

    Using Composer and WordPress — Kalen Johnson
    Composer has taken the PHP community by storm, allowing projects to easily integrate PHP packages with their projects. Although WordPress doesn’t (yet) use autoloading and Composer, that doesn’t mean we as developer’s don’t have to. We walk through what Composer is, how to use it, then see how we can integrate it with our own WordPress projects, whether that’s a theme, plugin, or an entire WordPress site.