Speakers: Kathryn Lang

  • Kathryn Lang: From Blog to Book

    WordCamp Birmingham 2019Speaker: Kathryn Lang

    October 11, 2019 — Take actionable steps to find the right content from your blog and then turn that content into a book manuscript. After you have your manuscript ready, we will go through the steps to query to agents and publishers or to indie publish your book.

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  • Kathryn Lang: Repurpose Your Words

    WordCamp Birmingham 2018Speaker: Kathryn Lang

    December 20, 2018 — You have something to say – find your unique voice for your words and then develop creative and powerful ways to put your words to work

    Simple ideas for finding your voice
    Quick Tips for getting the words down
    Turn scripts/blogs into ebooks.
    Turn ebooks into print books.
    Turn blogs into to memes.
    Turn podcasts into blog posts.

    Be creative in adjusting your words to work within a niche and you will find that your words work for you instead of you having to work so hard for your words.

  • Kathryn Lang: Who, What, Why, and When of Blogging

    WordCamp Birmingham 2017Speaker: Kathryn Lang

    January 11, 2018 — Developing a successful website does not have to be complicated. Know who you are writing for, know what you want to focus on, know why you are writing what you write, and develop a calendar for when you will get the words done.