Speakers: Lisa Patts

  • Lisa Patts: How I Earn More and Work Less by Scaling my Local Service Business

    Lisa Patts: How I Earn More and Work Less by Scaling my Local Service Business

    Wordcamp Halifax 2018Speaker: Lisa Patts

    June 26, 2019 — I have worked as a local freelance education professional for over two decades. After launching my online business, I now have customers around the globe. Instead of seeing just 10 local clients per day, I am able to service thousands of online customers daily.

    Today we will walk through the steps I took to evolve my local freelance business to a global business.

    If you’re a freelancer who earns their living “by the hour” this talk can help you develop a plan to cast a wider net and launch your online business, for free, using the tools provided by WordPress.

    In this Session, Freelance To Free Launch, you will learn:

    – Why you should scale your business to include the web.
    – The 3 types of people you NEED to address to be successful online.
    – How to design an array of products and services to satisfy customers from around the globe.
    – 4 steps to launch your online business for free using WordPress.com and other free tools.

    I am not a web specialist. I am just a regular person who wanted to earn more and work less, and WordPress helped me do it. Billable hours are limited by manpower, the scope of the internet is nearly unlimited.