Speakers: Matt Wiebe

  • Matt Wiebe: Advanced Customizer Usage

    WordCamp Boston 2013Speaker: Matt Wiebe

    January 3, 2014 — The Customizer is great, but there’s very little knowledge out there for building advanced controls with it, since its JavaScript API is currently undocumented.

    (This is a real time demonstration – no slides available.)

    I’ll share lessons learned building advanced controls for Custom Design on WordPress.com for how you can take the Customizer to the next level.

  • Matt Wiebe: Theming 101

    WordCamp Winnipeg 2013Speaker: Matt Wiebe

    June 30, 2013 — Building a WordPress theme is like playing guitar: easy enough for anyone to do pick up and hit the right notes, but really hard to become a virtuoso. This beginner session, teaches the fundamentals of WordPress themes to set you on the path to theme perfection.

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