Speakers: Mauricio Dinarte

  • Mauricio Dinarte: Understanding React.js

    Mauricio Dinarte: Understanding React.js

    WordCamp Denver 2020Speaker: Mauricio Dinarte

    July 11, 2020 — React.js has become one of the top players in the JavaScript libraries world. WordPress has rebuilt its WYSIWYG editor using React. Drupal has recently adopted the library to create admin interfaces. This session aims to explain the basic concepts of React outside of the context of any particular CMS implementation. Many examples will be presented to help you understand it and why it is so powerful.

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  • Mauricio Dinarte: Behavior-Driven Development in WordPress with Behat

    Mauricio Dinarte: Behavior-Driven Development in WordPress with Behat

    WordCamp US 2019Speaker: Mauricio Dinarte

    November 13, 2019 — This session is for people who want to implement BDD in their WordPress projects. Through examples the role that each tool plays will be presented. The relationship among them and how they build on each other will also be exemplified.

    By the end of it you will have an overview of how to use Behat, Mink, WordHat, and Selenium to write BDD tests for WordPress.

    Learning objectives:

    – How to set up Behat and WordHat to run tests for WordPress projects.
    – How to write non-javascript enabled tests using driver Goutte driver.
    – How to write javascript enabled tests using the Selenium driver.

  • Mauricio Dinarte: A Drupaler’s First Year In WordPress

    Mauricio Dinarte: A Drupaler’s First Year In WordPress

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Mauricio Dinarte

    June 18, 2018 — As a long time Drupal community member, I decided to participate in other free software communities to share my experiences and learn from theirs. In Nicaragua, my home country, the local WordPress community is very active. In this session I want to share my experience in being involved for almost a year now. In particular:

    * What I have learned about community building and event organization.
    * How my background as speaker, code contributor, and mentor in Drupal has been useful in my volunteering efforts.
    * The benefits of the two communities working together to promote the adoption of free software in the country.

    It has been a great first year and I look forward to get more involved in the WordPress community.

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