Speakers: Michael Selander

  • Libby Barker, Michael Selander: Press, Publish, React

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speakers: Libby Barker, Michael Selander

    July 12, 2018 — Use of a decoupled CMS is an exciting approach that allows teams to maintain the WordPress admin while embracing frontend experiences that are engaging and flexible. The incorporation of the WordPress REST API into core now makes this possible. But can this be achieved on an enterprise scale?

    In 2016, Human Made engaged in a project dedicated to realizing these possibilities. The goal was to create a fully decoupled WordPress admin leveraging a React front end. The technical challenges included API challenges, caching, themeing in PHP & React, and more. This session focuses on the logistical considerations taken to meet the challenge of creating a holistic WordPress/React product.