Speakers: Mik Scarlet

  • Mik Scarlet: A11Y and How to Sell it to a Client

    WordCamp London 2017Speaker: Mik Scarlet

    June 2, 2017 — Mik is TV Presenter, Journalist and Access Expert.
    With over 30 years in the media he was one of the first well-known disabled people to appear on TV in the UK, working on shows such as Beat That, From The Edge, The Travel Show, BBC News and C5 News. Alongside his media career, He is one of the UK’s leading access and inclusion experts. His advise major companies and government bodies on how to create and maintain systems that ensure disabled people, and all other protected characteristics as described by the Equality Act 2010, are fully included in society. He is specialise in the retail, leisure and transport industries.
    His talk is on #A11Y and How to Sell it to a Client.
    In his talk he explained the reason why it is so vital for all working it the field of WordPress to ensure their output is accessible. But more importantly, he explained how to sell this to potential clients, and why it is so vital for them to invest in #A11Y.

  • Mik Scarlet, Richard Senior, Gary Jones, Angie Vale, Rian Rietveld: Panel – Accessibility Q&A

    WordCamp London 2016Speakers: Mik Scarlet, Richard Senior, Gary Jones, Angie Vale, Rian Rietveld

    May 28, 2016 — Angie Vale, Gary Jones, Rian Rietveld and Richard Senior are WordPress developers with a passion for web accessibility. They design, code, provide training and publish with accessibility in mind. They all own their own businesses and know how hard it is to include accessibility in their work.

    The panel will answer some common questions regarding web accessibility, followed by questions from the audience.