Speakers: Ngaire Ackerly

  • Ngaire Ackerly: Designing Websites for users

    Ngaire Ackerly: Designing Websites for users

    WordCamp Auckland 2017Speaker: Ngaire Ackerly

    December 3, 2017 — How often do we create websites for the client and their goals, rather than the end user? We want our sites to look good and present the necessary information that the client desires.

    But what if we considered taking a different angle to our projects?

    The more we consider designing and developing websites for the user rather than just the client, the more success we can expect from the user reaching their own goals and in turn a more successful website for the client too.

    In this presentation I’ll cover various ways we can produce a more successful website by considering the user from the beginning of the project, through planning and design.

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