Speakers: Pete Parker

  • Pete Parker:  How to Change the Game to Win

    Pete Parker: How to Change the Game to Win

    WordCamp Riverside 2017Speaker: Pete Parker

    September 16, 2019 — “We all know that sometimes the game can be stacked against us. But sometimes we have to play whether we want to or not. Taxes, 9/11, regulations, these are games we have to play.

    But what about the game of business? How can you win when the odds are stacked against you?

    Let former Army Ranger and startup veteran Pete Parker tell you about he time they were in a war game in Germany, behind enemy lines, with only the stuff they could carry on their back, surrounded by 40,000 enemy soldiers, while forced to hide in the woods, and outnumbered 100 to 1.

    In 4 days they found and captured the enemy headquarters, and the two Commanding Generals.

    How did they win a game so stacked against them?

    And how you can do the same in your business – because in business you are outnumbered a heck of a lot more than 100 to 1.

    You can work harder (until you collapse), or you can Change the Game.

    We all hear about game changers – but what are they really, and how DO we change a game?

    Technology alone isn’t enough. People have wants and needs – understanding these needs drive every successful game changer.

    The Game Changer itself may be technological, but Game Changers always come down to a better way serving peoples needs.

    Come learn how to change the game of business – and life.”