Speakers: Richard Franklin

  • Richard Franklin: Collaboration is the key to success

    WordCamp Bristol 2019Speaker: Richard Franklin

    June 10, 2019 — As an Agency owner, I have learnt that Collaboration has been the key to our success. Sharing those experiences and ideas is providing other agencies / individuals with the chance to learn that by grasping the WordPress community ethos of sharing ideas and working with other companies is a Benefit NOT a issue. I will demonstrate that it can be a great way to:

    Increase revenue
    Give back

    Everything has a pattern underneath. Designs can be broken down, distilled into patterns. When you think in patterns the process can be faster, easier. I’ll show you in this talk, that whatever you label it, the concept is powerful, natural. A fragmented approach to design goes perfectly with modern development and gives you a robust workflow for the future.

    Problem solving may not sound like the most rock and roll topic of conversation… and that might be so, but it’s at the core of everything we do, a skill so universal it transcends software, job role, even occupation.