Speakers: Rob La Gatta

  • Rob La Gatta: The Art Of Replying To Reviews On WordPress.org

    WordCamp Sacramento 2015Speaker: Rob La Gatta

    December 24, 2015 — Anyone who has a plugin or theme up on the WordPress.org repo has likely faced them: user reviews about your product, running the gamut from gushingly enthusiastic to barely-masked rage. Whether you’re a plugin developer watching new reviews flow in without any idea how tackle them, a support person tasked with keeping the community happy or a user who has left reviews without a clear understanding of what the plugin team does when they read it, this session should be a useful overview on making reviews work for everyone.
    In this session, we’ll walk through:
    Why every WordPress.org review deserves a reply in a timely fashion
    Strategies for turning negative reviews around (1-star to 5-stars, baby!)
    How to develop a scalable system for replying to reviews that minimizes growing pains, making the task easy to delegate/share among team members as your user base and support team both grow

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  • Rob La Gatta: Managing Support for a Premium WordPress Plugin

    WordSeshSpeaker: Rob La Gatta

    December 24, 2013 — This session talks about what it takes to build a team and manage support for a plugin.

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