Speakers: Samantha Johnston

  • Samantha Johnston: Building a Dream Team

    Samantha Johnston: Building a Dream Team

    WordCamp Riverside 2018Speaker: Samantha Johnston

    September 15, 2019 — The presentation will explain when and how to create & grow your team to scale your business.

    Questions to ask yourself before posting the job opportunity, questions to ask applicants, contracts to have in place, how to pay them, how to manage projects and how to keep them loving their work, loving you and most of all loyal and raving contractors/employees.

    I’m not an HR pro, accounting pro or legal pro, I’m a fellow WP pro and have built an amazing team of contractors who love me, our work together and due to their raving about me, I have been asked by others how I’ve built my team and how they can do it too. I’d love to share my process and help others grow their team and scale their business as I have.