Speakers: Sang-Min Yoon

  • Sang-Min Yoon: SVG 101

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: Sang-Min Yoon

    November 15, 2017 — SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) are vector-based graphics in XML format and they are incredibly powerful way of displaying graphics on the web. This intro level talk will provide benefits of using SVGs on websites, tooling and workflow for SVGs and some neat things you can do with SVGs such as animations and styling.

  • Sang-Min Yoon: Nobody Wants a Slow Website

    WordCamp Baltimore 2015Speaker: Sang-Min Yoon

    December 16, 2015 — Having a website that loads fast is important and we all know that. It can have a major impact on user engagement, conversion, retention and even SEO but for some reason, websites on the web continue to get bigger and slower. Why is this the case and what can we do about it?

    This talk will primarily focus on the tools and techniques that can be used to create faster websites. Some topics that will be covered during this talk include performance testing, automations, mobile, design decisions and dealing with clients.

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  • Sang-Min Yoon: Designing (Deciding) in the Browser

    WordCamp Maine 2014Speaker: Sang-Min Yoon

    October 13, 2014 — Designing (deciding) in the browser has become the modern approach to web design especially because of Responsive Web Design. In this talk, Sang will discuss and provide examples on why PSDs and full mockups are no longer useful and why emerging tools and techniques have resulted designers to design straight from the browser.

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