Speakers: Scott Huntley

  • Scott Huntley: Your First Twelve Plugins

    WordCamp Brisbane 2018Speaker: Scott Huntley

    November 26, 2018 — In this talk, Scott draws upon inspiration from his WordPress classes at the local community college and his most asked question: “Which WordPress plugins do you think are essential?” Scott will run through twelve plugins you should install when starting off your new site, how to use them, and why. Scott will also give some good advice for how to find that one plugin needle you need from the 56,000 plugin haystack on the WordPress.org website.

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  • Scott Huntley: Three Incredibly Nerdy But Ultimately Pointless Topics

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speaker: Scott Huntley

    February 6, 2017 — In this presentation, Scott’s going to talk about three incredibly cool and nerdtastic things, which ultimately aren’t of much use. What’s the smallest computer that can run WordPress, and can you lose your blog in your sofa cushions?

    Does WordPress have a sibling, and just who is this mysterious member of the family?

    Have you ever wanted a Pherlog – not a Phlog – a Pherlog, and what’s everyone’s favourite rodent?

    And is exploring weird and crazy off-the-wall topics truly a waste of time, or will you learn something useful after all?

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