Speakers: Soledad Penadés

  • Soledad Penadés: Securing Your Self-hosted WordPress Website With Let’s Encrypt

    WordCamp London 2016Speaker: Soledad Penadés

    June 7, 2016 — Newer Web APIs give developers abilities that were unthought of just a few years ago, making your website so much capable and powerful. However, these features are only available over HTTPS, to avoid security risks. Likewise, HTTP2 will only work over HTTPS encrypted connections. And even Google recently promised small bumps in their search results for sites served with HTTPS! Sadly, not only do HTTPS certificates cost money and are tedious to set up and maintain, but the renewal must be repeated annually… until now. Let’s Encrypt is a new authority that provides free and easy to manage certificates that work with all major browsers, with the aim of making encrypted connections the default. In this talk we’ll look at why you should add HTTPS to your WordPress installation, how Let’s Encrypt works and how to set it up in our WordPress websites, plus potential workflow improvements for the future.

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