Speakers: Tom Harrigan

  • Tom Harrigan: Creating March Madness-style Brackets in WordPress

    WordCamp NYC 2015Speaker: Tom Harrigan

    December 20, 2015 — Awesome happens when we take great tools and services and bring them together in new creative ways. We’ll dive into a mash up of the Polldaddy API and Fieldmanager (custom fields) to create a tournament-style bracket system. We’ll look at creating an interactive experience that’ll keep users coming back for weeks through voting, round procession and dynamic match-ups. Under the hood we’ll get into custom fields, data storage, scalability and leveraging the power of existing services/functionality to make our projects better.

  • Tom Harrigan: Creating a Tournament-style Bracket System for the NY Post

    WordCamp Columbus 2015Speaker: Tom Harrigan

    August 17, 2015 — Tom talks about how he built a tournament-style bracket system for the NYPost’s Decider.com using the Polldaddy API and Fieldmanager. Aside from the brackets themselves (voting, round creation and procession, match-ups, modal navigation), He touchs on some related aspects of the development process such as: Custom fields, storing data, leveraging available services/functionality, scalability.

  • Tom Harrigan: Supercharge Your Sites Like Power Publishers Do

    WordCamp Saratoga 2014Speaker: Tom Harrigan

    January 20, 2015 — We’ll use the unrecognized power behind Post Formats to display your posts in ways you never though possible. Post Formats are no longer for Tumblr-like sites, we’re going to take them to the next level.

  • Tom Harrigan: Sliders: The Good, The Bad And The Technical

    WordCamp Buffalo 2013Speaker: Tom Harrigan

    December 18, 2013 — Sliders are one of the most popular functional elements included with themes, or added via plugin. Despite their widespread use, the value added to a site by having a slider has been increasingly questioned lately, with some results showing that a slider actually hurts the site in terms of click-through rate, in addition to possible negative effects to the overall site performance. In this talk see where sliders can be most effective, how they can be effective and what makes, or doesn’t make, a slider a valuable addition to a site.

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