Speakers: Vaidehi Singh Sharma

  • Vaidehi Singh Sharma: Remote Job Or 9 Hours Office? | Covering Indians’ Stories

    WordCamp Pune 2019Speaker: Vaidehi Singh Sharma

    June 25, 2019 — This talk will cover the day-to-day challenges of the people working on remote jobs. Some of the challenges that will be covered in this talk will be:

    1) Issues like anxiety and imposter syndrome,
    2) Societal issues and pressure,
    3) Peer pressure,
    4) Disturbance in the families and responsibilities due to remote jobs,
    5) People’s perspective towards professionals working remotely,
    6) Communication challenges,
    7) Confusions among professionals while taking the first step towards remote jobs, etc.

    The talk will cover small stories (fiction) to explain the title and the issues mentioned above. I prefer to take it in Hinglish (Hindi + English).