Speakers: Vasken Hauri

  • Vasken Hauri: ElasticPress: It's more than just search!

    Vasken Hauri: ElasticPress: It’s more than just search!

    WordCamp Riverside 2017Speaker: Vasken Hauri

    September 16, 2019 — “The popular ElasticPress plugin enables anyone to leverage the power of Elasticsearch to supercharge the search experience on their WordPress site. But did you know that ElasticPress can do much more? For example, ElasticPress can surface related posts for your content, speed up the largest WooCommerce installations, and give you industry-leading features like fuzzy matching and autocomplete.

    In this talk, we’ll cover the basics of ElasticPress and Elasticsearch, and then dive into some of the cool, lesser-known integrations the plugin offers. We’ll also touch on some free local and cloud-based development options for running an Elasticsearch instance so you can get a feeling for what ElasticPress can do for your site!”

  • Vasken Hauri: Better LivingThrough Event Driven Caching

    Vasken Hauri: Better LivingThrough Event Driven Caching

    WordCamp Sacramento 2015Speaker: Vasken Hauri

    December 22, 2015 — Most sites use some form of caching to improve performance, whether it be popular plugins like WP Total Cache, drop-in plugins, or even custom solutions. While these solutions can significantly improve performance for most of your visitors, they can’t guarantee that your custom code will be properly cached and updated seamlessly. The good news is that WordPress’ event-driven architecture of hooks and filters makes it a simple process to cache and intelligently update content only when you need to, for the best possible visitor experience. We’ll cover some code examples to illustrate how to leverage event-driven caching, and de-mystify this powerful and often-overlooked part of WordPress.

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  • Vasken Hauri: Getting Some Closure - Best practices in JavaScript and jQuery for WordPress

    Vasken Hauri: Getting Some Closure – Best practices in JavaScript and jQuery for WordPress

    WordCamp Salt Lake City 2014Speaker: Vasken Hauri

    December 3, 2014 — This presentation covers a range of common JS/jQuery pitfalls and best practices, including variable/function declaration and scope, closures, caching, naming conventions, and code linting. Whether you’re looking to get familiar with JavaScript in preparation for using the new WordPress JSON REST API (to be released in early 2015), or if you’re just starting out with front-end jQuery, this talk will provide you with some helpful tips and useful links for further learning.

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