Speakers: Yannick Gaultier

  • Yannick Gaultier: AMP: it’s getting faster!

    Yannick Gaultier: AMP: it’s getting faster!

    WordCamp Bucharest 2018Speaker: Yannick Gaultier

    August 9, 2019 — Initially trained as a mechanical engineer, I spent 20 years in a non-IT industry. I then started some web projects, mostly PHP and various CMS, and mostly centered around SEO. This was a hobby in 2006, but 3 years later, and to this date, it became my full time job. I run a small company handling development and support for our open source CMS plugins.

    Seeing how important Accelerated Mobile Pages was to become we developed an advanced WordPress AMP plugin at the end of 2016 to enable AMP pages on sites with both a lot of ease and high degree of customization.

    The topic of Yannick’s presentation is “AMP: it’s getting faster!“.

  • Yannick Gaultier: Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress - Why and How?
  • Yannick Gaultier: Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress - Why and How?

    Yannick Gaultier: Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress – Why and How?

    WordCamp Dublin 2017Speaker: Yannick Gaultier

    November 11, 2017 — Initially a Google project, started in october 2015, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has now grown into a set of open source technologies used by most search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu), and many other large companies (Twitter, Ebay, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Feedly, …) to display an alternate version of content to visitors when they are on a mobile device. AMP pages are standard HTML pages that follow a set of rules and optimized javascript to make them extremely fast on mobile devices. They can be created automatically from any WordPress site using a variety of plugins.

    – Pretty much any type of site can benefit from enabling AMP pages: blogs, news site, recipes, e-commerce, directories, etc
    – Having AMP on your site is probably an SEO must in 2017
    – AMP opens the door to Progressive Web Apps
    – Although adding AMP pages to your site can be as simple as activating a single plugin, this is unlikely to give good results and can even have negative effects.

    During this talk, we will go quickly through how AMP works, why and if you should add it to your site, and very importantly the dos and don’ts of a successful AMP implementation.

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  • Yannick Gaultier: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Sur WordPress

    Yannick Gaultier: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Sur WordPress

    WordCamp Bordeaux 2017Speaker: Yannick Gaultier

    May 18, 2017 — Google a activé les pages Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) dans ses résultats de recherche le 24 février 2016. Les pages AMP utilisent un ensemble de techniques visant à rendre l’affichage des pages sur appareils mobiles ultra-rapides. D’abord limitées en pratique aux pages de type Nouvelles, ou Blog, visant un affichage dans les « Top stories » des résultats de recherche, les pages AMP sont depuis novembre 2016 affichées en priorité quand elles existent dans les résultats de recherche Google sur mobile, ce qui en fait déjà un élément majeur de toute stratégie SEO. Dans le même temps, Google a annoncé que les résultats de toutes les recherches en général seront dorénavant basés sur son nouvel index mobile, ce qui rend AMP encore plus incontournable.

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