Speakers: Yonit Tzuk

  • Yonit Tzuk: The unspoken digital content editing rules

    WordCamp Bilbao 2017Speaker: Yonit Tzuk

    September 7, 2020 — Writing a blog is obvious, anyone can do it.

    But writing a blog that people actually read – that’s hard work.

    Fortunately, there are some simple tricks to edit your post into something readable. And not only that but content that actually engages readers to take action.

    In the session, I’ll give examples and teach six ways of editing your content to improve your blog, so your readers will read it passionately.

    I’ll speak about:

    The importance of titles + 5 examples of titles that go viral.
    The importance of paragraphs – how to give some air to breathe in your post, so the readers won’t be afraid to read it.
    The importance of photos – I»ll give examples of 6 ways to add photos to your blog.
    The importance of subtitles – why we should use them, how Google sees them and why the readers need it.
    The importance of the call to action – how to engage your readers with your sweet words. I’ll give examples of different calls to action for different bloggers.
    Sharing is caring – how to share your content in a way that no one can say no when you link your post, including some examples and tips.
    The idea of this session is to give them the basic of digital content editing world, they’ll learn many tips and will have to go home and do some homework on the blog.