Speakers: Zach LeBar

  • Zach LeBar: How to Speak “Conversational Developer”

    Zach LeBar: How to Speak “Conversational Developer”

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Zach LeBar

    December 12, 2016 — Many of us here aren’t developers. We might have a fuzzy notion of what they do and why they’re important. When we run into an issue while using WordPress, we might know that it’s a developer who can fix the problem, but do we know how to explain the issue to them? More importantly, do we understand the answer they’re giving?

    There’s a lot of technical jargon that many developers assume as common knowledge to anyone using WordPress: How is your backend configured? What theme are you running, and is it based on a framework? Is it a Genesis-based theme? A child-theme? Are you working with vanilla CSS3 or Sass? What version of PHP is your server running? Are you on a shared host, a dedicated VPS, or a managed solution? Are you seeing a server error or a PHP error?

    The avalanche of questions and terminology can be completely overwhelming.

    In this talk, I’ll break down some basic terminology, explain the foundational concept of how a WordPress site works, and in the end, try to help you bridge the language gap between you and your developer.

  • Zach LeBar: Keynote – Coming Back to WordPress

    Zach LeBar: Keynote – Coming Back to WordPress

    WordCamp Scranton 2015Speaker: Zach LeBar

    August 3, 2015 — When I started making websites 7 years ago, WordPress was the hip new thing all the cool kids were using. So I used it too.

    But then time went by, and the web changed. The tools and techniques that I used changed too. I moved away from WordPress.

    Now I’m back. Let me show you why I’ve returned, and why I believe that what WordPress has become over the last 7 years has ensured its continued success.