‘Agency’ Videos

  • Nathan Ingram: The Power of Recurring Revenue

    WordCamp San Antonio 2020Speaker: Nathan Ingram

    January 20, 2021 — This talk explains how to stabilize your business with a growing stream of recurring income. Learn why recurring income is crucial and how to offer WordPress management plans as a recurring revenue product.

  • Nathan Ingram: Mastering The Client Consultation

    WordCamp Kent 2020Speaker: Nathan Ingram

    June 26, 2020 — Has a client ever wasted your time in a consulting session? Have you ever had a one-hour consultation turn into three? Have you experienced the sinking feeling that happens when you leave the consultation and realize you failed to ask a key question? This talk provides answers to these issues and more.

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  • Nathan Ingram: Preventing Client Problems Before They Happen

    WordCamp Kent 2020Speaker: Nathan Ingram

    June 26, 2020 — Clients can be the best and worst part of running a WordPress business. This talk suggests strategies and practices to help prevent the most common problems freelancers face with clients.

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  • Kori Ashton: Seven Steps to Sustainability – Improving Your Business Model For Freelancers and Small Businesses

    WordCamp Kent 2020Speaker: Kori Ashton

    June 17, 2020 — Are you working hard trying to grow your agency / freelance business but things just aren’t gaining momentum? Let’s look at seven steps to sustainability that I’ve learned in my time as the co-founder and CEO of a WordPress shop. We grew from our couches to a full crew to acquisition in just five short years. I’ll share these key concepts with you in hopes of helping you drive sales, improve process, and increase your margins. If you’re a project away from dusting off your resume to get a “real job” – attend this workshop to see if you can make impactful changes to keep your entrepreneurial dream alive!

  • Nathan Onn Yeap Chuen: 3-Steps Framework for Building One-Man WordPress Agency that Lasts

    WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2019Speaker: Nathan Onn Yeap Chuen

    November 13, 2019 — In this presentation, he would love to share with you:

    -> Why getting more clients does not grow your agency – in fact it’s making it worse.

    -> One simple strategy you can implement right away that would massively boost your business profits – even if you only have a handful of clients.

    -> How to prepare for *downtime* to make sure your agency is cash flow-positive during project drought.

    -> How to position yourself as “Expert” in your marketplace without going to networking events.

  • Freelancer/Agency Panel Discussion: Different ways to run a WordPress Business

    WordCamp Johannesburg 2018Speakers: Anchen le Roux, Andrew Lima, Iwan Pieterse, Jonathan Bossenger, Shane Rielly

    April 12, 2019 — A panel discussion on the different types of WordPress agencies/businesses including WordPress products, SaaS services, working as prof freelancer for example Codeable and other ways of delivering services.

  • Arvind Singh: Freelancing/Agency Lighting Talks: Working with full freedom; working remotely

    WordCamp Johannesburg 2018Speaker: Arvind Singh

    April 12, 2019 — Going to the office at 9 and coming back at 5 daily is not my cup of tea. Also, I am a student so I can’t afford to miss my classes on a daily basis. So what I do is that I work remotely with companies.
    In my walk-through, I will be covering topics like How we communicate in remote companies, what tools we use, the joy of working at your own ease. I would also love to include how I travel around the globe and work remotely.
    Through my walk-through, I want to help people to connect to remote companies and earn without sacrificing whatever they are doing full time.

  • Shane Rielly: Escape the feast and famine cycle and increase your recurring revenue.

    WordCamp Johannesburg 2018Speaker: Shane Rielly

    April 9, 2019 — Many freelancers and design agencies are well aware of the feast and famine cycle that exists. Finding new work is a challenge but it is a constant requirement for generating income in your business. When there is no new work there is no income and cash flow becomes a massive challenge.
    The antidote is to generate recurring revenue, preferably on a monthly basis. In this talk I will cover some ways to increase MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and how it benefits you and your clients.

  • Matthew Perkins: 5 Ways to Grow Your Agency in 1 Year

    WordCamp Detroit 2018Speaker: Matthew Perkins

    March 29, 2019 — This talk is about 5 changes that we made as an agency from the time I arrived to today that have helped us grow our revenues and maintain a healthy income stream. They’re simple changes that help you work with the right clients for your agency. The ultimate goal is to stop chasing bad leads, getting bad clients, and keep consistent revenue coming so you’re not working project to project.

  • Jessi Gurr: Freelance to Agency – Taking The Leap

    WordCamp NYC 2018Speaker: Jessi Gurr

    January 27, 2019 — (Hiss in Audio)

    “Freelance to Agency: How To Make The Leap This talk is geared towards freelancers who are ready to turn their small business into a full agency. We will go over some of the basics and necessary steps to incorporate a business, and give some tips and advice for freelancers with the entrepreneur bug. This talk is a bit different from many “”how to start a business”” talks, as we will discuss some of the critical support systems needed, and mindset changes that need to take place, when shifting your company from a freelance business to a full agency. A quick rundown of what will be in the speech:

    How to stop thinking like a freelancer.

    Defining your staff.

    Learning to delegate.

    LLC vs S-Corp vs Corp: What you need to know, where to file, and how to find legal resources.

    Finding the right support system of professionals to get your business started on the right foot.

    Increasing prices to pay for your bottom line.

    Find the right team members. An overview of how to hire, who to hire, and how to keep your employees happy.

    Things to consider when seeking out an office, or location to headquarter your business.

    Goal setting: think toward the future.”