‘Block Editor’ Videos

  • Kelli Wise: It’s time you learned to use the block editor (Workshop)

    Kelli Wise: It’s time you learned to use the block editor (Workshop)

    WordCamp Seattle 2019Speaker: Kelli Wise

    March 30, 2020 — You’ve been putting it off. You’ve been relying on the classic editor plugin for a year but time is running out. Get to know the block editor and how to use it. In this workshop, we’ll cover using the block editor, the features and functions available to you and how to find them. Find out how best to add the block editor to your workflow and how to train your clients to use the block editor. This workshop is for people comfortable with logging in and navigating the WordPress dashboard already. So if you are one of the thousands experienced with the classic editor who just haven’t had the time or inclination to figure out how to use the new block editor, you will leave this workshop knowing the ins and outs of creating content using blocks.

  • Ravi Chandra: Manage your Block Editor State and Data

    Ravi Chandra: Manage your Block Editor State and Data

    WordCamp Udaipur 2019Speaker: Ravi Chandra

    December 25, 2019 — Gutenberg’s data module looks intimidating at first, but under the hood, it’s simple and easy to work with. The data module is built upon the same core principles of Redux but has some of its own characteristics. It lets us manage and share data in a modular way. In this talk we’ll discuss it’s similarities to Redux, subscribing and dispatching events, creating custom stores and using custom reducers. We will also be looking at a few real-world problems and how we could solve those using the data API.

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  • Chris Reynolds: How the Block Editor in WordPress Changes the Conversation

    Chris Reynolds: How the Block Editor in WordPress Changes the Conversation

    WordCamp Long Beach 2019Speaker: Chris Reynolds

    November 13, 2019 — Everyone in the WordPress community is talking about the new editing experience in WordPress. Wherever you fall in defense of or against the new editor, it changes how we interact with WordPress from a content editing and a development perspective.

    In this talk, Chris Reynolds explores some of the ways Gutenberg changes how we build things as well as the types of things we can build to enhance and improve the WordPress editing experience.

  • Micah Wood: Gutenberg - Leveraging the Block Editor

    Micah Wood: Gutenberg – Leveraging the Block Editor

    WordCamp Atlanta 2019Speaker: Micah Wood

    June 27, 2019 — The new WordPress block editing experience, code-named Gutenberg, was released the end of last year. At the time, some people chose to temporarily opt out of using the new editor. As the WordPress ecosystem introduces better and better integrations with the new editor, let’s take a closer look at what it looks like to use the block editor today.

    This session will be a live demo with opportunities for interactive Q&A during the presentation.

  • Yoav Farhi: Your First Gutenberg Block

    Yoav Farhi: Your First Gutenberg Block

    WordCamp Kathmandu 2019Speaker: Yoav Farhi

    May 7, 2019 — If you haven’t jumped in yet, this quick presentation will teach you the basics of Gutenberg block creation.
    Learn how blocks can improve workflows for you and your customers, and start taking advantage of everything the new WordPress editor has to offer.

  • Simon Kraft: Der WP Block Editor - WordPress 5.0 und das Gutenberg Projekt

    Simon Kraft: Der WP Block Editor – WordPress 5.0 und das Gutenberg Projekt

    WordPress Meetup NürnbergSpeaker: Simon Kraft

    November 18, 2018 — Ereignisse werfen ihre Schatten voraus. Sollte alles nach Plan verlaufen bringt der November gravierende sowie einschneidende Neuerungen für das WordPress Ökosystem. Für den 27.(19.) November 2018 ist die Veröffentlichung von WordPress 5.0 angekündigt, welches die Einführung eines neuen, React basierten, Inhaltseditors namens Gutenberg mit sich bringt. Über Letzteren wird Simon Kraft, Web-Entwickler aus Stuttgart, sprechen. Er unternimmt einen kleinen Ausflug in die Tiefen des neuen Block-basierten Editors. Er erläutert dabei das Konzept der neuen Inhaltsblöcke, zeigt was bei der Umstellung und Anpassung bestehender Inhalte an Gutenberg zu beachten ist und geht abschließend auf die, während dessen Entwicklung, entstandenen Kontroversen ein. Das Projekt Gutenberg findet mit der Veröffentlichung von WordPress 5.0 jedoch nicht seinen Abschluss. Vielmehr handelt es sich dabei nur um die Erste von vier Phasen, im Zuge derer dessen Konzepte noch tiefer mit Funktion und Antlitz von WordPress verwoben werden sollen.