‘Block’ Videos

  • Greg Ziółkowski: Block Development with Scaffolding

    WordCamp India 2021Speaker: Greg Ziolkowski

    March 18, 2021 — Can you believe that it’s been two years already since the WordPress core introduced Gutenberg? In the meantime, the block editor has matured tremendously. Have you already tried to extend its functionality? Spend 15 minutes and save yourself hours when creating custom blocks. In the session, Greg will show how to make the most of the scaffolding command that comes from the Gutenberg core team.

  • Tom J Nowell: Building a block

    WordCamp Glasgow 2020Speaker: Tom J Nowell

    April 22, 2020 — Let’s build a Gutenberg block! Tom will cover building a basic block in javascript, and in PHP. A great opportunity to refresh on the basics and lay a solid foundation. Suitable for intermediate developers.

  • Nile Flores: Avoiding Bloggers Block

    WordCamp Seattle 2019Speaker: Nile Flores

    March 30, 2020 — If you are a blogger, you’ve probably hit the dreaded wall we call “Bloggers Block.” Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau with your site and cannot seem to write any more. Maybe you are unsure what you can cover on your site, or you worry about spamming. Sometimes we are afraid we might be copying other sites in our niche that may be covering the same topics. Or maybe it’s a challenge of juggling family and personal issues. There’s a solution for all of these! We’ll provide tips to help you overcome Blogger’s Block and get you thinking outside the box. You’ll rediscover that you still have more to say.

  • Steve Ryan: Block Party Decor with TwentyNineteen

    WordCamp Phoenix 2019Speaker: Steve Ryan

    June 10, 2019 — WordPress 5.0 brings with it a new default theme called TwentyNineteen which is the first “official” theme to be distributed with full and native support for the new core block editing experience.

    Using this theme as a guide, let’s take a deeper dive into:
    – What customizations are available within each of the native blocks.
    – Examples of other customizations that are possible with additional SASS/ CSS rules. (This includes a review of the new block-level classes.)
    – Manipulating the position and layout of a block on the page using flexbox and CSS Grid.
    – Where to find additional block collections and how to install them.
    – Some possibilities of making additional custom blocks without code. (ACF, Carbon Fields and other generators.)

    This talk is geared for those with beginning or intermediate web development skills. Ideal audience members will have some knowledge of WordPress and a willingness to make small alterations to a child theme’s CSS and functions.php files.

    This talk is also NOT geared toward a discussion of how to create a “gutenblock” from scratch. (The topic has been covered quite a bit more in-depth by people much smarter than me. =-] )

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