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  • Andy Nathan: Blogging for Business

    Andy Nathan: Blogging for Business

    WordCamp St. Louis 2017Speaker: Andy Nathan

    March 30, 2017 — Blogging can be one of the best methods for driving inbound leads into your business. Yet, the biggest challenge many small business owners face is not whether they need a blog, but how to build a blog that brings in business.

  • Garrett Heath: Has Your Blog Become a Vampire?

    Garrett Heath: Has Your Blog Become a Vampire?

    WordCamp San Antonio 2016Speaker: Garrett Heath

    March 10, 2017 — Remember what it was like when you first set up your blog? You were full of piss and vinegar and incredibly excited. It may have sustained you during a rocky time at work or in your personal life. It was a life force that energized you. After all, people would be reading what you had to say.

    Then it happened. Your blog moved from being a life force to a life suck, taking away all the joy that you originally had. Updating it became a chore; you exhaled an audible groan every time you opened up wp-admin. Your blog turned into a vampire (and not of the Twilight variety).

    This talk is geared around the four types of blog vampires I’ve encountered and strategies to help make personal blogging fun again. Regardless of where you are on your blogging journey, vampires abound, including:

    The No One Is Reading My Blog Vampire—this is where a blogger becomes so despondent after realizing that no one, not even their friends and family, are reading their blog

    The Keeping Up with the Jones’s Vampire—this is where a blogger starts comparing themselves to others and has a feeling of inadequacy/jealousy
    Getting Caught Up in the Fame of (Minor) Celebrity—this is where the blogger gets an inkling of fame and PR people reach out along with the endless invites; but it’s to things they may not care about
    The Administrative Vampire—this is where the blogger gets mired down in all the SEO/tagging/socialing/posting minutiae and hates life
    All these vampires make you want to just give up. But that flicker of light from the life force still draws you in. You feel confused on what to do and mostly trapped—I mean, isn’t this supposed to be fun? Having personally experienced all of these types of blog vampires, I’ll walk through strategies to vanquish them so you can enjoy the joys of blogging once again.

  • Joe Ponzio : Understanding the (Lack Of) Limitations of WordPress

    Joe Ponzio : Understanding the (Lack Of) Limitations of WordPress

    WordCamp Louisville 2016Speaker: Joe Ponzio

    February 25, 2017 — We all know that it’s not “just a blogging platform” anymore, but how do you handle client concerns when those “other” guys are pitching a more expensive “solution” and knocking you for pitching WordPress?

    In this talk, Joe Ponzio will discuss the differences and limitations of WordPress with concrete examples of some of the amazing things that those “other” guys just don’t know how to do in WordPress. You’ll learn when WordPress is the right solution for your website (hint: it usually is) and when it’s not. We’ll shatter some misconceptions along the way and uncover how the guts of WordPress are the same guts those “other” guys are proposing, they just don’t want to understand it.

  • Scott Huntley: Three Incredibly Nerdy But Ultimately Pointless Topics

    Scott Huntley: Three Incredibly Nerdy But Ultimately Pointless Topics

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speaker: Scott Huntley

    February 6, 2017 — In this presentation, Scott’s going to talk about three incredibly cool and nerdtastic things, which ultimately aren’t of much use. What’s the smallest computer that can run WordPress, and can you lose your blog in your sofa cushions?

    Does WordPress have a sibling, and just who is this mysterious member of the family?

    Have you ever wanted a Pherlog – not a Phlog – a Pherlog, and what’s everyone’s favourite rodent?

    And is exploring weird and crazy off-the-wall topics truly a waste of time, or will you learn something useful after all?

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  • Patrick Mahinge: Building Niche Blogs from Scratch

    Patrick Mahinge: Building Niche Blogs from Scratch

    WordCamp Nairobi 2016Speaker: Patrick Mahinge

    January 25, 2017 — Patrick demonstrates how to extend the power of WordPress. The session introduce attendees on how to run a niche website using WordPress. Patrick has a blogging experience from 2012, started a niche blog on WordPress and turned it into a full time 6-figure business in only 6 months.

  • Douglas Kihoro: Blogging and Content Creation

    Douglas Kihoro: Blogging and Content Creation

    WordCamp Nairobi 2016Speaker: Douglas Kihoro

    January 23, 2017 — Blogging and content creation has evolved. No longer limited by the power that direct marketing offers, content has taken centre-stage in the fight for brand affinity. So how do you own the space? Douglas Kihoro lead an engaging session where you will get to learn how to leverage the power of WordPress to build amazing content for your blog or business website.

  • Στέλλα Κάσδαγλη: Blogging και παραγωγή content για επαγγελματική αναπτυξη

    Στέλλα Κάσδαγλη: Blogging και παραγωγή content για επαγγελματική αναπτυξη

    WordCamp Athens 2016Speaker: Στέλλα Κάσδαγλη

    January 21, 2017 — Πώς το στήσιμο ενός blog και η παραγωγή περιέχομένου σε αυτό ή σε άλλες ιντερνετικές διεξόδους μπορεί να σε βοηθήσει να χτίσεις, να εξελίξεις, να βελτιώσεις (ή και να καταστρέψεις) την επαγγελματική σου εικόνα; Είναι αλήθεια ότι το blogging είναι το σύγχρονο βιογραφικό; Και τι σχέση έχει το προφίλ σου στα social media με όποια προσπάθεια κάνεις να βρεις δουλειά, να αναπτύξεις ένα ελεύθερο επάγγελμα ή να καταξιωθείς στο χώρο της εργασίας σου; Στο εργαστήριο αυτό θα διερευνήσουμε πρακτικά τους τρόπους μετους οποίους η παραγωγή περιεχομένου στο ίντερνετ αλλάζει και τη θέση μας στη δουλειά και θα καταλήξουμε στο πώς μπορούμε να τη χρησιμοποιήσουμε, σήμερα κιόλας, προς όφελός μας.

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  • Brian Rotsztein: Keynote Address

    Brian Rotsztein: Keynote Address

    WordCamp Rochester 2016Speaker: Brian Rotsztein

    January 21, 2017 — The Path to Success with WordPress: Business, Blogging and Community

    WordPress is software like no other. Every fourth website you encounter was built using it. Creative skills are mastered with it. Businesses harness its versatility. It has the power to bring together people from diverse backgrounds. Yet to so many, it’s “just” software. As a blogger, web designer, marketer, educator, and entrepreneur since long before its existence, I’ve watched it grow into a worldwide phenomenon. My own path to success is intertwined with a decade of WordPress use. Clearly, there’s more to this software than just a free install.

  • Caitlin Cheevers: Blog on a Budget - How to Utilize Free and Low-Cost Plugins to Grow Your Blog Without Breaking the Bank

    Caitlin Cheevers: Blog on a Budget – How to Utilize Free and Low-Cost Plugins to Grow Your Blog Without Breaking the Bank

    WordCamp Cincinnati 2016Speaker: Caitlin Cheevers

    January 15, 2017 — In this discussion, I’ll show money-saving hacks using free or single-cost plugins to create free or low-cost versions of premium services promoted to bloggers as the “end-all, be-all” solution to their blogging problems.

    First, we’ll talk email list: how to use Mailchimp for free (or $9/mo if you’re willing to invest a little bit) rather than the more expensive options like ConvertKit (which starts at $29/mo). Then we’ll go through how to spend $20 one time to grow your list with fake Leadpages popup boxes and landing pages (normally $25 per month or more!).

    Next we’re going to create an editorial calendar for your WordPress posts and email list. We’ll talk about free plugins you can use rather than CoSchedule ($15+ per month).

    Finally, we’re going to discuss design. We’ll talk two money-saving solutions: how to use free programs or Adobe Creative Cloud ($50 per month if you want to invest) rather than hiring a graphic designer, and how to use a $20 plugin to customize your WordPress web design rather than paying hundreds for a custom site!

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  • Talia Carbis: Finding Your Online Voice

    Talia Carbis: Finding Your Online Voice

    WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016Speaker: Talia Carbis

    December 21, 2016 — Whether we’re representing ourselves, our business, or being paid to represent another business, we all have an online “voice”. This voice is one of the most important tools we have to reach our target audience in a meaningful way, and convert our online chattering into tangible results. In this presentation Talia will share with us how to develop our online voice, how to change it to suit our business or blog, and what tools to use to match our online voice.

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