‘Budget’ Videos

  • Anthony D Paul: Sneaking In Good UX Without A UX Budget

    Anthony D Paul: Sneaking In Good UX Without A UX Budget

    WordCamp Halifax 2017Speaker: Anthony D Paul

    September 28, 2017 — We all want to design and build better projects—to feel proud of what we’ve made and to have our end users love it too. Sometimes our projects afford us research budgets and sometimes they don’t. So how do we build in a better user experience when our clients don’t want to pay for those line items?

    In this talk, I’ll share some practical tools and tips to “sneak in good UX” as one of my bosses used to say, with minimal impact on your budget but a positive impact on your team’s understanding of key problems to solve.

  • Curtiss Grymala: Enterprise Websites on a Small Business Budget

    Curtiss Grymala: Enterprise Websites on a Small Business Budget

    WordCamp Baltimore 2016Speaker: Curtiss Grymala

    December 1, 2016 — In higher education and non-profits, we are expected to produce and maintain enterprise-level websites with extremely limited resources. Throughout this session, we’ll discuss methods to prioritize tasks that need to be accomplished, manage your resources, delegate those tasks that can be delegated, and when you simply need to say “no”. Using these methods, it is possible to maintain that enterprise website on your shoestring budget.

  • David Lockie: The Discovery & Definition Approach to Project Planning

    David Lockie: The Discovery & Definition Approach to Project Planning

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: David Lockie

    July 3, 2016 — Getting burnt by a project can leave you and your team feeling unmotivated and your agency unprofitable. Using our proven Discovery & Definition approach to project planning you’ll learn how to plan and budget a WordPress project successfully from the beginning whilst keeping both you clients and team happy.

  • WordCamp Budget Review: Cologne

    WordCamp Budget Review: Cologne

    December 18, 2014 — This is the screencast of a budget review, posted for training purposes.

  • WordCamp Budget Hangout

    WordCamp Budget Hangout

    WordCamp Central

    August 17, 2014 — This one-hour round-table is intended for new and experienced WordCamp organizers who want to discuss building a budget and managing/prioritizing expenses; we might even dip into fundraising, though that won’t be the focus.