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  • Christie Chirinos: Advanced Topics In Businessing

    Christie Chirinos: Advanced Topics In Businessing

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Christie Chirinos

    January 21, 2019 — Hi, I’m Christie. I work with Josh Pollock, whom you probably know, on Caldera Forms. I came onboard to his team in an effort to think that maybe what a product needed to be successful wasn’t more development and support, but rather more business strategy and marketing, fresh out of business school.

    I’ve talked to many community members who either are interested in getting an MBA, or interested in “hiring a Christie.” I thought this was an interesting pattern, so I decided to put together a quick overview of advanced topics in business.

    I’ll cover when I think an MBA helps, and when it doesn’t. Then, we’ll do a quick rapid fire of things I think you should know about business-ing: how do you read and act on an income statement? What about electing your pass-through entity to be taxed as a corporation while remaining a pass-through entity? What’s the three sentence summary of theoretical frameworks for marketing? What do organizational behaviorists say about building good teams? How does price elasticity of demand affect your pricing strategy? Then, we’ll take questions from the audience and hopefully all walk away a little more calm (and a little less eager to go to business school).