‘Client Relationships’ Videos

  • Tippi Thole: How to win (and keep) awesome clients

    WordCamp Montreal 2019Speaker: Tippi Thole

    December 25, 2019 — Want to grow your freelance business? In this talk, I’ll share tips for turning a client lead into an actual client—no cheesy, sales gimmicks necessary! Learn simple techniques for winning over client prospects and maintaining positive client relationships that turn into long-term partnerships. You’ll also learn what red flags to look for when evaluating new projects. Start filling your calendar with clients and projects you want!

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  • Katie Elenberger: Pursuing Your Creative Passion – Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Full-time Gig

    WordCamp Brighton 2017Speaker: Katie Elenberger

    February 7, 2018 — Explore actionable items to kick start your WordPress side hustle, allowing you to pursue creative passion projects, expand your skill set, build your freelance or live out entrepreneurial dreams. This talk covers a thorough list of dos and don’ts, resources, project management tips and how to successfully build and maintain strong client relationships so you’ll be ready for your next step. Peppered with personal, relatable stories of how Katie lived and breathed the process from going in-house, freelance as a side gig to full time and now running a successful boutique agency.

  • Tim Sisson: Stop Saying No – Nurturing Client Relationships

    WordCamp Portland ME 2017Speaker: Tim Sisson

    June 2, 2017 — As a freelance designer, we turn down business constantly. Most small business owners undervalue the work we do and have limited budgets. Every week, I found myself turning down those dreaded “I have $300. Can you build me a website?” kind of leads.

    Then, I realized I didn’t have to. With the right strategy and confidence in your work, you can make a living on $300 jobs. But more importantly, you can convert that customer you would’ve turned down into the customer you wanted, to begin with (and still do the fun custom work we really love to do).

    We’ll discuss strategies, contracts, residual income generation, and long-term customer-focused approaches to freelance web work. We’ll also chat about keeping yourself happy in the midst of working for yourself and why those leads you’ve been turning down can be a huge asset.

  • Tom Chute: How to Create and Foster Loving Client Relationships

    WordCamp London 2017Speaker: Tom Chute

    June 1, 2017 — He started using WordPress when running a charity 7 years ago. He was the client, partnering with the agency, now work for, so his experience using WordPress on both sides of the fence. At his agency, I’m an Account Manager and Team Leader, working with hundreds of clients, and many team members, to deliver a wide range of WordPress sites. Prior to WordPress, He ran mass engagement, behaviour change campaigns relating to climate change and environmental conservation.

    His session explored the psychology and methods behind a loving client relationship.

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