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  • Markus Wortmann: SIWECOS mit dem CMS-Garden

    Markus Wortmann: SIWECOS mit dem CMS-Garden

    WordCamp Cologne 2017Speaker: Markus Wortmann

    December 1, 2017 — Sicherheitslücken gibt es in jeder Software, auch in Content-Management-Systemen (CMS). Rund 97% aller Cyberangriffe erfolgen auf solche Sicherheitslücken. Deshalb ist es immens wichtig, dass Sicherheitsupdates zeitnah eingespielt werden.

    Doch die Zeitfenster zwischen dem Bekanntwerden einer Sicherheitslücke und den automatisierten Angriffen werden immer kürzer. Mit dem Veröffentlichen des Updates wird im Normalfall auch der Angriffspunkt bekannt und kann ausgenutzt werden. Hier liegt der Gedanke nahe, dass die Webhoster solche Angriffe über die Web Application Firewall abfangen können, so sie denn nur rechtzeitig davon erfahren.

    Der Name des Projekts, SIWECOS, steht für Sichere Webseiten und Content-Management-Systeme. Das Projekt hilft kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen (KMU) beim Vermeiden von Cyberangriffe auf ihre CMS. Im Rahmen der Initiative IT-Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft ist SIWECOS vom deutschen Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie gefördert. Die Initiative will vor allem KMU beim sicheren Einsatz von Internet- und Telekommunikationssystemen unterstützen.

  • Jean-François Arseneault, Maxime Jobin: Pirates des CMS

    Jean-François Arseneault, Maxime Jobin: Pirates des CMS

    WordCamp Montreal 2017Speakers: Jean-François Arseneault, Maxime Jobin

    October 16, 2017 — otre site est lent depuis un bon moment et vous ne savez tout simplement pas quoi faire. Ce matin, en vous rendant sur votre site, celui-ci n’affiche tout simplement plus. Vous contactez votre hébergeur pour vous rendre compte que votre site web a été piraté. Ayayaye! La journée commence bien mal….

    Ce scénario qui semble irréaliste se produit chaque jour. Ne soyez pas la prochaine victime.

    Cette démonstration utilisera un véritable site WordPress hébergé sur le web, et le site sera “mal conçu”, “non-optimisé”, “non-sécurisé”, piraté, alouette!

    Venez nous aider à sauver un site web de sa terrible situation et surtout, vous préparer à ce que ça ne vous arrive jamais.

  • Stephen Tiszenkel: Beyond the Blog: WordPress as a Comprehensive CMS for Media Organizations

    Stephen Tiszenkel: Beyond the Blog: WordPress as a Comprehensive CMS for Media Organizations

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2017Speaker: Stephen Tiszenkel

    October 11, 2017 — Fourteen years after WordPress’ initial release, the platform is widely adopted and well-respected by major media organizations. Yet many industry leaders still view it exclusively as blogging software.

    In this talk, Stephen Tiszenkel will explore why this idea persists and how to overcome it. He’ll take a comprehensive look at some of the tools you can use to meet all the needs of a progressive, digitally savvy, growth-minded multimedia publisher.

    Intended Audience Type: Developers, Content Managers, Executives
    Intended Audience Experience: All levels of experience

  • Aleksander Kuczek: Jak doszło do tego, że WordPress zasila 27% internetu?

    Aleksander Kuczek: Jak doszło do tego, że WordPress zasila 27% internetu?

    WordCamp Lublin 2017Speaker: Aleksander Kuczek

    August 31, 2017 — Wszyscy wiemy, że WordPress to najpopularniejszy CMS na tej planecie. Podczas prezentacji Aleksandra cofniemy się w czasie i zobaczymy jak doszło do tego, że projekt rozwijany po godzinach przez Matta Mullenwega stał się zjawiskiem na skalę globalną.

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  • Bronson Quick: Using WordPress As A Headless CMS

    Bronson Quick: Using WordPress As A Headless CMS

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speaker: Bronson Quick

    February 3, 2017 — The WP REST API infrastructure was introduced in WordPress 4.4. The introduction of this infrastructure allows WordPress developers to now use WordPress as a headless CMS. A headless CMS has its frontend component (the head) stripped and removed from its backend, and what remains is a backend delivering content via an API. Some common use cases for headless CMS are as follows:

    * Serving data to other web applications
    * Mobile Apps
    * Websites and web apps built with MVC-style JavaScript frameworks

    Developers can install the WP REST API plugin to expose endpoints for WordPress for posts, pages, media and users. Developers can also extend the WordPress core REST infrastructure to register their own endpoints for custom post types and WordPress options.

    The WP REST API plugin will expose database content via JSON. This data can be used by developers to create sites using JavaScript frameworks such as React and also use the JSON data in mobile apps.

    Bronson will explain and demonstrate how you can use WordPress and the WP REST API to create a website that uses React on the frontend and WordPress on the backend as a headless CMS.

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  • Emir Brkic: WordPress… Not Just A Blogging CMS

    Emir Brkic: WordPress… Not Just A Blogging CMS

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speaker: Emir Brkic

    February 2, 2017 — We have recently developed an online marketing collateral portal for a huge franchise business in Australia. Zambrero hired us to build a complete custom build portal which would generate pdfs for franchisee’s.

    The marketing team would create their own marketing material in this portal which is completely code free…

    The power of WordPress in conjunction with gravitypdf and gravity forms has made this all possible…

    We have built many websites which have broken the conventional use of WordPress and made our clients very happy with the end result and we want to show people to think outside the box when it comes to WordPress and what it actually can do.

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  • Courtney OCallaghan: WordPress is for Blogs - CMS Diversity in Museums

    Courtney OCallaghan: WordPress is for Blogs – CMS Diversity in Museums

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Courtney O’Callaghan

    December 10, 2016 — As many museums move towards diverse open data policies, one would assume their choice of CMS would follow suit. One would be WRONG.

    In this talk I will begin by reviewing the current state of technology in museums, with a focus on their usage of open source Content Management Systems (where Drupal reigns supreme and WordPress is only for blogging). I will discuss why the perceived lack of os software competition in this sector keeps museums trapped in systems they cannot afford to update. I will end by sharing ways the OS community can get involved in the would of Cultural Institutions.

  • David Jardin: Beyond the Tellerand – Warum ein Blick jenseits von WP lohnt.

    David Jardin: Beyond the Tellerand – Warum ein Blick jenseits von WP lohnt.

    WordCamp Cologne 2016Speaker: David Jardin

    November 6, 2016 — David Jardin erklärt in seinem Vortrag, warum sich ein Blick über die Grenzen des eigenen CMS lohnt.

  • Sallie Goetsch: Is WordPress the Best Tool for This Job?

    Sallie Goetsch: Is WordPress the Best Tool for This Job?

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2016

    October 8, 2016 — There’s an old saying that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You can build almost anything with WordPress, but should you? If you build a single landing page or a 5-page brochure site in WordPress, you may be burdening your client with the cost and effort of constant maintenance of a site they might update once in a year. But if you don’t use a CMS when you need one, managing that site is going to be a nightmare for the client. Here’s how to explain to clients what a content management system is, how to tell whether they need one, where to go if they don’t, and why WordPress is worth the higher cost of hosting, the ongoing maintenance, and the time it takes to learn how to use it in the first place.

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  • Hiroshi Tokumaru: CMS四天王への攻撃デモを通じて、WordPressの効果的な防御法を学ぼう

    Hiroshi Tokumaru: CMS四天王への攻撃デモを通じて、WordPressの効果的な防御法を学ぼう

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Hiroshi Tokumaru

    October 7, 2016 — WordPress、Joomla、Drupal、MovableType というCMS四天王(命名はオレ)で構築したサイトを攻撃してみましょう。本体の脆弱性あり、プラグインの脆弱性あり…。セキュリティ業界では評判の芳しくないWordPressですが、果たして四天王の中で ”最弱” なのでしょうか。その上で、WordPressによって構築したサイトの防御法の基本をたっぷりと解説します。

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