‘colour theory’ Videos

  • Piccia Neri: Colour on the web – colour theory, usability and accessibility

    WordCamp Brighton 2018Speaker: Piccia Neri

    March 27, 2019 — Colour is an essential design element. When we design for the web, we’re sometimes conditioned in our colour choices by the colour palette of the brand we’re building the site for. However, usability and accessibility must be the first consideration in our choice of colours and their application. This talk gives practical guidance on how to approach and use colour in your web designs, with a few touch points on colour psychology and theory.

  • Tammie Lister: Colour Theory and Psychology

    WordCamp London 2015Speaker: Tammie Lister

    June 1, 2015 — All too often when we think of colour we think of trends and palettes. But, colour should and does go deeper than that. It influences even how people interact with what we create. By simply changing the colour of a button you can change it’s meaning. With a bit of theory you can easily create combinations to enhance or activate moods. Colour theory is at it’s core about colour mixing. Beyond this there are human differences, cultural implications of colour. Colour is complex. Knowing even the basics of colour theory and psychology means you have a powerful tool in your kit.

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