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  • Marc Gratch: Using the Command Line: Bash and WP-CLI

    WordCamp San Antonio 2020Speaker: Marc Gratch

    January 19, 2021 — This talk is an introduction to navigating the command line using Bash and WP-CLI. Improve efficiency by completing common time-consuming WordPress tasks.

  • Keith Hyde: A Timesaver’s Guide to the Command Line

    WordCamp Bristol 2019Speaker: Keith Hyde

    June 10, 2019 — In this talk, I will be looking at various ways to shortcut your workflow. Saving time typing with handy shortcuts for the command line, such as scripts and aliases, emails, and every day tasks. Leaving more time for problem solving and coffee drinking.

    This talk will cover workflow and shortcuts on my Mac, introducing terminal, Alfred, Brew, ZSH/Oh My ZSH and shell scripting. While it focuses on Mac, most of the talk is applicable for anyone using or connecting to a Unix/Linux system as well.

    By the end of this talk, you will be rushing to shortcut your life.

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  • Alejandro Senese: Demystifying SSH

    WordCamp Manchester 2018Speaker: Alejandro Senese

    May 7, 2019 — SSH is a powerful tool that gives us an easy way to deploy our code and access to our remote server.

    We will have a simplified overview of how it works and how to set it up.

    After we got familiar with SSH, we’ll have a look at how we can benefit from using SSH and some WordPress tool that use it.

  • Marco Chiesi: Chi ha paura della command-line?

    WordCamp Rome 2018Speaker: Marco Chiesi

    April 16, 2019 — Negli ultimi decenni le interfacce uomo-macchina dei sistemi informatici si sono evolute incessantemente con l’obiettivo di rendere l’interazione con gli utenti sempre più semplice e intuitiva.

    Ci sono però ambiti specifici in cui l’interfaccia a “riga di comando” si dimostra tutt’oggi uno strumento insostituibile. Ne è la dimostrazione il crescente successo del progetto WP-CLI, supportato ufficialmente da WordPress.

    Non è indispensabile essere programmatori o sistemisti per trarre un vantaggio diretto e tangibile dall’utilizzo di strumenti basati su riga di comando. Questo talk, dopo una rapida introduzione sull’argomento, presenterà una carrellata di esempi pratici e di semplice applicazione, in cui l’uso della command-line può far risparmiare tantissimo tempo.

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  • Dwayne McDaniel: WP-CLI: Don’t Fear The Command Line

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Dwayne McDaniel

    January 24, 2019 — It’s time to make the robots do all the things we can make them do. Machines can do just about anything as long as you give them the properly formed instructions. Fortunately for us WordPress allows us to give these instructions in an easy to learn and very robust manner called The WP-CLI. It is the fastest way to install, active and update any theme, plugin or just about anything else in your WordPress site.
    In this presentation I will demonstrate a simple install script that will have a fully functioning, customized WP website in about the same time than it normally takes download the WordPress.zip file. We will also look for how third party tools and hosts are leveraging the WP-CLI to make your life as a developer even easier.

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  • Alex Centeno: Save 15 minutes or more on WordPress a day: Intro to the Command Line for administrators

    WordCamp Raleigh 2018Speaker: Alex Centeno

    June 11, 2018 — In the life of every WordPress administrator, saving a few seconds here and there can make a big difference at the end of the day.

    We have heard of the command line before, tools like Bash, SSH and WP-CLI are considered too complex for the average administrator.

    In this introduction, we will take an introductory look at these tools in a language that administrators can understand and in a way that we can start using them right away.

    We will look at topics like:

    1. Connecting to a remote server via SSH.
    2. Executing simple WP-CLI commands to create fast database backups, export a list of users, or “search and replace” for a string on a website without the need of plugins.
    2. Creating and using simple scripts in bash.

  • Aart Geys: WordPress website onderhoud met wp-cli

    WordCamp Antwerp 2018Speaker: Aart Geys

    March 30, 2018 — Introductie voor beginners met enkele concrete praktijkvoorbeelden die verduidelijken hoe het gebruik van de commandolijn het dagelijks leven van iedere WordPress gebruiker makkelijker kan maken zodat er meer tijd overblijft voor de leuke dingen. Het leven is nu eenmaal meer dan website onderhoud alleen. Als beginnende WordPress gebruikers na de voordracht al niet onmiddellijk naar huis snellen om wp-cli uit te proberen dan hoop ik tenminste dat ik hun mogelijke angst voor de commandolijn een beetje kleiner heb kunnen maken 😉

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  • Kailey Lampert: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Command Line

    WordCamp Seattle 2017Speaker: Kailey Lampert

    March 8, 2018 — The command line is a very powerful tool that you can use for all sorts of things. But the terminal can be a little scary if you’ve never been there before.

    Let’s demystify it a bit and go over:

    what you’re looking at,
    some basic commands that’ll help you get around, and
    a glimpse of some more advanced commands that can be handy to have in your toolbox.

    Equipped with the basics, we’ll then learn about a powerful WordPress tool: WP-CLI. This won’t be an in-depth developer discussion, but a demo of what it can do and why you should be excited to try it out.

    Note: Sorry, but this will be based on Mac/Unix. Windows has some exceptions that won’t be covered.

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  • Dwayne McDaniel: WP-CLI: Don’t Fear the Command Line

    WordCamp Albuquerque 2018Speaker: Dwayne McDaniel

    February 27, 2018 — In this presentation I will demonstrate a simple install script that will have a fully functioning, customized WP website in about the same time than it normally takes download the WordPress.zip file. We will also look for how third party tools and hosts are leveraging the WP-CLI to make your life as a developer even easier. Walk away with: -A new appreciation for the command line. -The desire to script ‘all the things’ to save time. -Knowledge of serious time saving tools -Ideas about how to automate your processes to be more productive and profitable.

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  • Геннадий Ковшенин: Взаимодействие с WordPress через командную строку

    WordCamp Moscow 2017Speaker: Gennady Kovshenin

    October 7, 2017 — В своем докладе на WordCamp Moscow Геннадий расскажет про WP-CLI – инструмент для работы с WordPress из командной строки.

    Поговорим о том, что это такое, что нужно знать для начала работы и зачем вообще работать с WordPress из терминала. По ходу презнтации освежим в памяти основы SSH и удаленной работы с сервером.