‘Create Website’ Videos

  • Andy McIlwain: Putting WordPress to Work in Under an Hour

    WordCamp Rochester 2017Speaker: Andy McIlwain

    December 1, 2017 — What can you do with WordPress if you aren’t a developer (or aren’t inclined to set up a development environment and get “into the weeds”)?
    Quite a bit, actually!
    This session walks through my standard flow for getting a new WordPress site up and running. I’ll walk through each step: domain registration, WordPress installation, installing a theme & plugins, even connecting to Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.
    We won’t touch any code along the way. (I promise!)
    If you’re new to WordPress, this is a crash-course walkthrough that’ll give you an idea of how quickly a site can be built.
    If you’re an experienced WordPress user and want to start building sites for others, this is a good opportunity to see how you can get a foundation in place for a client without breaking a sweat.