Speakers: Andy McIlwain

  • Victor Ramirez, Meagan Hanes, Andy McIlwain: Grow Your Meetup!

    WordCamp US 2019Speakers: Victor Ramirez, Meagan Hanes, Andy McIlwain

    February 10, 2020 — GROW YOUR MEETUP!
    This workshop will cover how to grow an established meetup and will cover popular main topics:

    Marketing: Tactics for how to grow your meetup size and how to advertise/attract potential sponsors and other surrounding meetups.

    Formats & Creative Ideas: What formats and ideas have some meetups successfully used to avoid getting themselves into a “rut”?

    WordCamps: How to use meetups to set up those who are interested in volunteering for organizer or speaker roles at the local WordCamp.

    A wide variety of general tips will be shared that will be applicable to all meetup organizers and volunteers – even if you are just beginning to start your first meetup, this workshop will ensure you are starting off on the right foot.

  • Andy McIlwain: Putting WordPress to Work in Under an Hour

    WordCamp Rochester 2017Speaker: Andy McIlwain

    December 1, 2017 — What can you do with WordPress if you aren’t a developer (or aren’t inclined to set up a development environment and get “into the weeds”)?
    Quite a bit, actually!
    This session walks through my standard flow for getting a new WordPress site up and running. I’ll walk through each step: domain registration, WordPress installation, installing a theme & plugins, even connecting to Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.
    We won’t touch any code along the way. (I promise!)
    If you’re new to WordPress, this is a crash-course walkthrough that’ll give you an idea of how quickly a site can be built.
    If you’re an experienced WordPress user and want to start building sites for others, this is a good opportunity to see how you can get a foundation in place for a client without breaking a sweat.

  • Andy McIlwain: Busting Through the Content Bottleneck – How to Efficiently Collect Content from your Clients or Colleagues

    WordCamp Portland ME 2017Speaker: Andy McIlwain

    June 5, 2017 — Content is a huge bottleneck for freelancers and agencies. (How many sites have you seen get delayed because of content loading?) I’ve felt the pinch on projects big and small, both in-house and with client work. But I’ve also learned a few tricks for getting around it.

    In this session we’re going to look at four approaches for dealing with the content problem: Making it an up-front dependency; treating content development as an early project phase; working on content in tandem with a website build; and making content development a standalone value-added service. We’ll also review a handful of different tools and resources that make content less of a pain to work with.

  • Andy McIlwain: Start Here – A Content Creation Regimen

    WordCamp Hamilton 2016Speaker: Andy McIlwain

    June 15, 2016 — Content creation is *hard work*, especially if you’re a small business or indy blogger. Your resources — money and time — are very limited.

    And what if you’re new at this? Figuring out where to begin can be an utterly overwhelming experience. (Seriously – a search for “how to create content” returns 1,970,000,000 results on Google!)

    We’re going to keep it simple in this session by focusing on everyday activities that’ll get your content-creation process up and running.

    No vague theories. No motivational speech. No sales pitch. Just a simple, step-by-step approach using WordPress and a handful of free tools.

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  • Andy McIlwain: Ten Steps to Build a Better Business Site for Less Than 100 Dollars

    WordCamp Hamilton 2015Speaker: Andy McIlwain

    June 21, 2015 — This talk walks through the process of building a business website, from initial planning to site launch, for less than $100. And an actionable list of to-do items that they can follow to build a business site for themselves or for their clients.

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  • Andy McIlwain: SEO & Web Analytics

    WordCamp Toronto 2012Speaker: Andy McIlwain

    December 7, 2012 — My goal for this presentation is to give you a high-level introduction to improving and measuring your site’s performance on the web.

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