‘depression’ Videos

  • Nicole Kohler: How to Overcome Your Fears and Start Sharing Your Knowledge

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Nicole Kohler

    December 23, 2016 — For many years, the dual diagnosis of anxiety and depression kept me from sharing my knowledge, experience, and voice with others. Despite this, I started speaking publicly (at WordCamps and WooConf) at the beginning of 2016. I want to share a few tips and things I learned with others who feel like they have something important to share, but are scared or might be held back by similar conditions/illnesses.

  • Michele Butcher: Demons in the Closet

    Speaker: Michele Butcher

    December 2, 2016 — We spend a lot of time in front of a computer without any social interaction. Sometimes that is great. Sometimes that causes demons to get in your closet. We will talk about the stuff no one likes to talk about. How to handle depression, social anxiety, and keep yourself healthy mentally and physically.

  • Tom Nowell: Handling Anxiety

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Tom J Nowell

    July 1, 2016 — Our work can be stressful, and when stressed we face many problems stemming from burnout, anxiety, depression, and others. In this talk, I’ll walk through my own experiences with anxiety as I’ve progressed in my career, and share the strategies I’ve found that can help developers and support take care of themselves, along with the support that companies can provide for prevention

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  • Yana Petrova: Why Sometimes Happiness Requires Effort: Depression in IT

    WordCamp Europe 2014Speaker: Yana Petrova

    January 6, 2015 — Yana Petrova talks about depression in IT, a problem that seems to be widespread in the industry and still something that people prefer not to talk about. How depression can be recognised, how to find the actual reasons for it and why nobody should be afraid or ashamed to ask for help are some of the main points in her talk. She believes that speaking freely (and also listening) about depression and mental health is an important step for making the environment around us better.

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