‘eCommerce’ Videos

  • Kenn Kelly: How to Sell Products On WordPress

    Kenn Kelly: How to Sell Products On WordPress

    WordCamp Denver 2017Speaker: Kenn Kelly

    November 19, 2017 — eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and yet only a fraction of businesses have cracked the code to scalable profitability. This becomes more challenging in that it’s also continually changing. We’ll unpack how eCommerce has changed and how you can leverage it to your benefit, and cover the top things you need to know about eCommerce heading into 2018.

  • Luminus Olumide Alabi: WooCommerce for Fun & Profit – How to get started and maximize your bottom line

    Luminus Olumide Alabi: WooCommerce for Fun & Profit – How to get started and maximize your bottom line

    WordCamp Dublin 2017Speaker: Luminus Olumide Alabi

    November 12, 2017 — Whether you’re a current WooCommerce user, or a WordPress user interested in adding eCommerce to your site, I’ll show you different ways to increase your bottom line:

    – Add WooCommerce to your WordPress site
    – Add features and functionality to an existing WooCommerce site, such as Subscriptions, Memberships, Bookings, Product Add-Ons
    – Choose the right payment gateway
    – Reassure shoppers – SSL / security

    I’ll spend the bulk of our time showing you how to do these with a live demonstration so come armed with your imagination and lots of questions!

  • Kevin Lydon: Increase your ROI with WooCommerce automation

    Kevin Lydon: Increase your ROI with WooCommerce automation

    WordCamp Dublin 2017Speaker: Kevin Lydon

    November 12, 2017 — With more and more advanced integrations being possible for WooCommerce the ability to automate your online store and increase your sales productivity is only few clicks away. Automating processes like lost cart recovery, discounting, lead tracking, referral programs and reviews will have a direct impact on your ROI. With automation you can take a more hand offs approach to managing your store so you can put more focus on growing your business. In addition to having more time automation can also help you squeeze every last sale from your website with techniques such as lost cart recovery, exit intent, dynamic re-marketing and intelligent discounting. According Nucleus Research, businesses that use automation on average see a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Imagine what this could do for your business. Take the next step to growing your business and use the tools available for WooCommerce to make automation a reality.

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  • Andrew Behla: Turbo Charge WooCommerce Sales

    Andrew Behla: Turbo Charge WooCommerce Sales

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2017Speaker: Andrew Behla

    October 8, 2017 — The ongoing optimization of your WooCommerce store can lead to increased conversions, higher sales and more income. The purpose of this talk is to help you achieve these three goals and to optimize your store into an efficient selling machine. We will cover all aspects of improving your WooCommerce store – from choosing a theme, to optimizing your pages, to integrating plugins, to adding in features that will increase your conversions and sales. You will learn the most effective tools and techniques for optimizing your WooCommerce store and reap the rewards of your positive actions.

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  • Patrick Rauland: Scoping eCommerce Projects

    Patrick Rauland: Scoping eCommerce Projects

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Patrick Rauland

    September 4, 2017 — Being a freelancer or working for an agency is hard. It seems like you’re always under pricing your projects and you have to put in extra hours just to finish the project. Or you’re over pricing your projects and your clients are upset at what they got. I’ll show you how to scope projects (in particular e-commerce projects) so that you and your clients are happy with the results and you both want to work together after the project.

  • Christie Chirinos: Beginner’s Guide To WordPress And Ecommerce

    Christie Chirinos: Beginner’s Guide To WordPress And Ecommerce

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Christie Chirinos

    August 5, 2017 — his talk will take you through the major “tools of the trade” of ecommerce in the context of WordPress as 1) a portal for collecting payments or leads and 2) maximizing your marketing investment using third-party tools that work well with WordPress. In less than an hour, you will gain a high level understanding of the toolkit that is enabling people around the world to sell anything using WordPress.

  • Sam England: Create Your First eCommerce Business Quickly and Easily!

    Sam England: Create Your First eCommerce Business Quickly and Easily!

    WordCamp Raleigh 2017Speaker: Sam England

    June 19, 2017 — I will teaching the ins and outs about eCommerce from my 14+ years of running a successful eCommerce business and also how to get started quickly and easily with FREE tools.

  • Mik Scarlet: A11Y and How to Sell it to a Client

    Mik Scarlet: A11Y and How to Sell it to a Client

    WordCamp London 2017Speaker: Mik Scarlet

    June 2, 2017 — Mik is TV Presenter, Journalist and Access Expert.
    With over 30 years in the media he was one of the first well-known disabled people to appear on TV in the UK, working on shows such as Beat That, From The Edge, The Travel Show, BBC News and C5 News. Alongside his media career, He is one of the UK’s leading access and inclusion experts. His advise major companies and government bodies on how to create and maintain systems that ensure disabled people, and all other protected characteristics as described by the Equality Act 2010, are fully included in society. He is specialise in the retail, leisure and transport industries.
    His talk is on #A11Y and How to Sell it to a Client.
    In his talk he explained the reason why it is so vital for all working it the field of WordPress to ensure their output is accessible. But more importantly, he explained how to sell this to potential clients, and why it is so vital for them to invest in #A11Y.

  • Sharon A. Dawson: From Amazon to WordPress - Creating Your Own eCommerce Site

    Sharon A. Dawson: From Amazon to WordPress – Creating Your Own eCommerce Site

    WordCamp Raleigh 2017Speaker: Sharon A. Dawson

    May 26, 2017 — Promoting your physical products on Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon can be convenient, but expensive since those sites take a cut of your profits. By switching to WordPress to promote your products, you can drive more customers to your brand and keep more of your profits.

    During this session, you’ll learn:

    – The basics of setting up eCommerce on your WordPress site
    – Things to consider when setting up a new eCommerce store
    – Popular themes to use to quickly make an attractive online store
    – How to promote your site to existing customers from Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon
    – Creating feeds for Google shopping
    – How to draw traffic to your site via social media

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  • Ecommerce Q&A: Making More Money And Avoiding Mistakes

    Ecommerce Q&A: Making More Money And Avoiding Mistakes

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speakers: Andrew Wikel, Bradley Cummins, Chris Christoff, Patrick Rauland

    May 14, 2017 — Learn the hidden tips, tricks and best practices about how to make more money and avoid mistakes with your eCommerce stores, directly from the people who made them.

    Although focus is on WordPress platform users this talk if for anyone who uses an eCommerce platform, even if its not WordPress (Shopify, SquareSpace, etc.) and that can generally benefit from the experiences and lessons from the panelists.