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  • Corey Brown: Building Traffic with Passion, Social Media & Engagement

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: Corey Brown

    November 11, 2017 — Producing great content is just the start. Reaching your intended audience is the next critical part.

    WordPress is not just the ultimate platform for content creation, it can be leveraged in many different ways to build that important reach – through social and email integration and more.

    Over the past 8 years, I’ve used WordPress in ways that build those connections, starting with No Treble (a site for bass players). I’ve learned what it takes to get content shared across the social web, how to use WordPress’s incredible built-in features (like category feeds) to generate relevant, high engagement email newsletters and more. I’ve since applied this learning to several client sites with similar success.

    No Treble grew to be (and continues to be) the most read publication for bass players in the world (online or off). We’ve been able to shape WordPress into something that has grown our Facebook audience to over 272,000 fans, and we send out 90,000+ emails each month – all triggered by the content we publish on WordPress.

  • Caitlin Cheevers: Blog on a Budget – How to Utilize Free and Low-Cost Plugins to Grow Your Blog Without Breaking the Bank

    WordCamp Cincinnati 2016Speaker: Caitlin Cheevers

    January 15, 2017 — In this discussion, I’ll show money-saving hacks using free or single-cost plugins to create free or low-cost versions of premium services promoted to bloggers as the “end-all, be-all” solution to their blogging problems.

    First, we’ll talk email list: how to use Mailchimp for free (or $9/mo if you’re willing to invest a little bit) rather than the more expensive options like ConvertKit (which starts at $29/mo). Then we’ll go through how to spend $20 one time to grow your list with fake Leadpages popup boxes and landing pages (normally $25 per month or more!).

    Next we’re going to create an editorial calendar for your WordPress posts and email list. We’ll talk about free plugins you can use rather than CoSchedule ($15+ per month).

    Finally, we’re going to discuss design. We’ll talk two money-saving solutions: how to use free programs or Adobe Creative Cloud ($50 per month if you want to invest) rather than hiring a graphic designer, and how to use a $20 plugin to customize your WordPress web design rather than paying hundreds for a custom site!

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  • Christian Fuchs: I ❤ Mail – Am SPAM vorbei in die Inbox

    WordCamp Frankfurt 2016Speaker: Christian Fuchs

    September 9, 2016 — Das Marktforschungsunternehmen Forrester meinte 2014, Marketer sollen sich auf E-Mail konzentrieren. Sie ist relevanter als Social Media meinen die einen, sie ist tot meinen die anderen. In DE benutzen über 95% E-Mail zur Kommunikation. Doch viele nutzen die E-Mail als Megaphon, statt als handgeschriebenen Brief. Best Practice soll zeigen, wie mit wenigen Handgriffen E-Mail zum Erfolg wird. Frei nach dem Prinzip: Aufmerksamkeit, Interesse und Aktion. Integriert mit WordPress versteht sich.

  • Becs Rivett-Kemm: What’s my WordPress site’s email strategy?

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Becs Rivett

    July 3, 2016 — It’s easy to set up an email signup form on your WordPress site, but then what next? It’s all too easy to sit in front of a blank screen asking yourself “What do I say to my subscribers? I must contact them!” I’ll discuss how you can prepare for sending email newsletters your subscribes want to receive and generate ideas so you don’t get writer’s block.

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