‘engagement’ Videos

  • Martin Wolfert: Besser gemeinsam als einsam. Besser zusammen als gegeneinander.

    WordCamp Stuttgart 2019Speaker: Martin Wolfert

    November 10, 2019 — Die WordPress-Community lebt es mit Erfolg vor: Menschen aus allen Herren Länder bilden eine Gemeinschaft aus der heraus, abseits von Herkunft, Religion, Hautfarbe und sexueller Orientierung ein großartiges Produkt entstanden ist, welches die meisten Webseiten weltweit antreibt.

    Im gesellschaftspolitischen Alltag ist der Zusammenhalt und das Miteinander von Menschen unterschiedlicher Herkunft, Religion, Hautfarbe und sexueller Orientierung nicht immer einfach und oftmals von gegenseitigem Unverständnis und Resentiments geprägt.

    Mit meinem auf WordPress basierenden Projekt „Ich bin Deutsch! Ein Projekt gegen Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit“ (https://ich-bin-deutsch.land) greife ich diese gesellschaftspolitische Problematik auf: Ich interviewe und fotografiere seit 2017 , mehr oder auch weniger bekannte, Menschen in Bezug auf erlebten Alltagsrassismus und erlebte Alltagsdiskriminierung und stelle die resultierenden Interviews im Internet bereit.

    Das Projekt soll ein positives Beispiel für bürgerschaftlichen Engagement sein und für mehr Verständnis und eine in alle Richtungen offene Kommunikation werben. Die vor uns liegenden komplexen Probleme können wir nur gemeinsam, miteinander und nicht gegeneinander, lösen.
    In meinem Vortrag möchte ich nicht nur vorstellen warum ich mich mit Verve für dieses Projekt engagiere, sondern auch was so ein Projekt im Leben von allen Beteiligten geändert hat.

  • Corey Brown: Building Traffic And Community With WordPress, Social Media & Engagement

    WordCamp Baltimore 2017Speaker: Corey Brown

    October 22, 2017 — Corey Brown’s expertise in designing, inventing, building, leading, founding and tweaking successful websites spans more than two decades and a host of site types, from publishing and e-commerce to social platforms and user-generated content.

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  • Jesse Friedman: Improving User Experience and Engagement

    WordCamp Portland ME 2017Speaker: Jesse Friedman

    June 6, 2017 — Jesse Friedman has been building websites for 18 years, and exclusively with WordPress since 2006. Since then he has written several books, taught hundreds of students as a professor, and organized dozens of local meetups (and even a few WordCamps along the way).
    In his talk he explain how to build an MVP (minimal viable product). We’ll start by stripping out all the bloat, get rid of all those widgets and start with naked content. Then and only then we’ll start to methodically add features, as they are needed. You will be amazed how much your visitors enjoy just reading your content and engaging with you through simple solutions.

    You’ll walk away with practical strategies around:
    – Building content driven websites
    – Gaining traction and increasing engagement
    – Elegantly monetizing your blog
    – Plus 5 experience tips that will make your website 1 of a kind

  • Amit Wadhwa: What not to do with WordPress!

    WordCamp Belfast 2016Speaker: Amit Wadhwa

    November 2, 2016 — A lot of developers and WordPress experts tell people what to do with it and how awesome it is.

    As a WordPress user and developer for nearly 12 years, I think it is important for business owners and small agencies to understand the common traps of using such a user friendly system.

    So I am going to concentrate on highlighting areas that people need to be wary of in order to create great, effective and excellent value Wordpress websites.

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  • Ashten Fizer: WordPress – The Rules of Engagement

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: Ashten Fizer

    October 31, 2016 — Building a WordPress website is not like building the Field of Dreams. Just because you build it, does not necessarily mean that “they” will come. In order to build a following for your brand or business, you must engage your audience or target market. This stands true across the board for the average WordPress user as well as the developer. We’ll take a look at the importance of proper and timely engagement, as well as what the average WordPress user can utilize in order to create seamless and streamlined avenues for engagement, right now. We’ll also take it a step further and discuss what the average developer can implement in order to make engagement much easier for the users having the websites developed.

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  • Matthew O’Bryant: Simple Strategies for Creating a Killer IA

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2016Speaker: Matthew O’Bryant

    October 7, 2016 — You have a beautifully designed website and regularly produce unique, high-value content. Yet, your website has really low engagement metrics and an incredibly high bounce rate! What could you be doing wrong? It may be your site’s information architecture.
    I’m going to walk you through and help you avoid some common IA mis-steps that I see people making, and show you some must-have tools you should use to make sure people can easily navigate your site and find your great content.
    Whether you’re a designer, a developer, or a business owner, there are some critical tips and suggestions here that you won’t want to miss!

  • Cindy Reed: What’s Your Story? Harnessing the Power of Story to Engage Your Readers

    WordCamp Atlanta 2015Speaker: Cindy Reed

    May 23, 2015 — Whether you’re starting a personal blog to share your thoughts and ideas, or blogging to promote your business, storytelling is the most effective way to engage your audience. Recitations of facts or personal journal entries might convey meaning, but stories provide your audience with a relatable entry point into your subject matter. Story inspires, teaches, and stimulates discussion. The well-told story is memorable and unique, positioning you as a trusted voice. This presentation looks at all the elements of creative nonfiction storytelling so you can create the most compelling content for your blog, one 400-600 word post at a time.