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  • Tammie Lister: Emotional Interfaces

    Tammie Lister: Emotional Interfaces

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Tammie Lister

    July 2, 2016 — Emotional design isn’t just about cute mascots and animated showcases. Real connections happen when you look at even the smallest interaction.

    From an impatient button to a eager input field, emotion is a powerful thing we can use to connect to users.

    In this talk I’ll explore why emotion is important in every part of the experience and how you can create emotional interfaces.

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  • Chris Wiegman: Make WP_CLI Work For You - Extending WP_CLI With Custom Commands

    Chris Wiegman: Make WP_CLI Work For You – Extending WP_CLI With Custom Commands

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Chris Wiegman

    December 13, 2015 — WP_CLI is a powerful tool, even right out of the box. But it can be made to do so much more. This talk will discuss extending WP_CLI by adding your own commands. Whether for simple site maintenance or helping to manage clients learn to utilize WP_CLI to it’s maximum extent the right way with tips on adding commands, handling input and output and making sure that users can figure out just what your command is doing. This is an advanced talk appropriate for intermediate to advanced developers.