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  • Moisés Sakiyama: Cómo crear tu escuela digital con WordPress

    WordCamp Lima 2020Speaker: Moisés Sakiyama

    September 28, 2020 — ¿Te gustaría implementar cursos virtuales con WordPress? Participa de la charla de Moisés Sakiyama (Perú) quien nos mostrará como crear una escuela digital usando el plugin Sensei LMS. Una excelente oportunidad para escuelas e institutos que buscan migrar al mundo digital.

  • Kristina Romero: Ready, Set… Engage! Using WordPress to Keep a Large Community Active

    WordCamp Baltimore 2016Speaker: Kristina Romero

    December 1, 2016 — WordPress is tremendous with scaling for a large audience, especially for online learning. However, unlike a typical classroom, engagement among a community is not a given. Let’s explore the tools and tactics you can use with WordPress to create an engaged community through strategic student interaction, gamification, challenges and content to keep visitors returning, growing and flourishing in your website. Not only will we explore the “how” with the plugins that achieve this, but also the “why;” strategies that actually work. Having worked with 500 members in WP Elevation (a large community member WordPress website) and over 100 members in RockStar Empires (a large community member WordPress website), I’ve quickly seen what it takes to avoid the sound of “crickets” and inspire a passionate community.

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  • Kim Shivler: Building A Learning Platform With WordPress

    WordCamp Sacramento 2016Speaker: Kim Shivler

    October 30, 2016 — Online courses are hot in business right now, and the best classes are much more than a series of videos. With WordPress, you can create a perfect platform for learning along with solid courses to serve your audience. We’ll explore what makes a great platform and a solid course plus WordPress configuration options to create this. From bbPress and Learning Management Systems to BuddyPress, we’ll look at what’s possible along with difficulty levels of the various implementations.

    Whether you are a business owner looking into how online courses can increase business or a developer looking for a new package to offer customers, this session is for you.

    A downloadable guide and private area demonstrating one of the implementations will be available to attendees.

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