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  • Accessibilità in WordPress – Teoria, Strumenti e Metodologie

    WordCamp Rome 2017Speaker: Antonio Giovanni Schiavone

    April 23, 2018 — Secondo Tim Berners-Lee, l’accessibilità è una caratteristica fondamentale del web: eppure spesso essa è trascurata o relegata a funzionalità accessoria. Affronteremo la tematica sia dal punto di vista generale, che nell’ambito della piattaforma WordPress, illustrando metodologie, strumenti e best practices per sviluppare un sito “realmente fruibile da tutti”.

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  • Jochen Lillich: Lightning talk – Lean Web Operations — Planning for the unpredictable

    WordCamp Dublin 2017Speaker: Jochen Lillich

    November 12, 2017 — In this talk, I’d like to share the story of how our WordPress hosting team nearly broke down under its workload and how lean and agile methodologies brought us back on track. With all its interruptions and incidents, web operations work sometimes feels like having to juggle chainsaws while baking a souffle…

    In 2016, freistilbox suffered heavily from our failure to keep our work in flow. Internal initiatives and feature projects got delayed more and more, in some cases by months. Then we noticed a huge drop in customer satisfaction and trust. Finally, team members started showing severe signs of burnout such as fatigue, frustration and the feeling of letting everyone down. This required quick and major changes.

    In the last six months, we’ve completely overhauled how we manage our work load, and I’m happy to say we’re back on a healthy trajectory. In my talk, I’d like to share the details of what we did wrong and what got us back on track.

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  • Luca Sartoni: Growth Methodologies In a Distributed Environment

    WordCamp Belgrade 2016Speaker: Luca Sartoni

    December 29, 2016 — Testing activities are effective only under strict circumstances. When I started my adventure at Automattic, the welcome message was: “Welcome to the chaos”. This presentation narrates the journey we had to conduct to implement strict growth methodologies in a distributed environment.